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#Nowplaying ~ Songs by TKO

It should be no secret that I enjoy listening to all types of music with hiphop being my favorite genre. From time to time people will flood my twitter timeline and email with links asking me to listen to their music but I rarely ever do. It’s not because I don’t think I wouldn’t enjoy it (even though the thought has crossed my mind) but because those people tend to come across as spambots. If you want me to take the time and listen to your music then at least have the decency to chop it up with the kid and please for the love of everything holy do not, I repeat, do not link me to corny materialistic raps. I hate Soulja Boy type music. I’m not hating on the next man but trying to force feed me bullshit links is never going to work. At least when I put my little links up I try to actually comment on the topic at hand, but this isn’t about me or my spamming adventures so let me stop digressing. Recently a commentator by the name of TKO asked me if I could check out the music on his youtube page. I’ve seen his comments on TJR before and he didn’t come off as a spambot when he asked so I decided that I would check the music out. To be honest I had no idea what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

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TNA Knockouts Spotlight: Velvet Sky: Rockstar

I thought that I should let the viewing public know that I have appealed Bloggers decision to shut down What that means is that in a few days my old site will either be reinstated or it will stay gone forever. If by any chance I do end up getting that site back what I will end up doing is running two completely different sites. How different you might ask? Well for starters I would use this site as a family friendly site. No nudes will ever be posted on this site and blogs will be written normally. On the other site I will continue to do what I was doing with the nudes and ALL CAPS writing. It would be like day and night, yin and yang, fat and skinny, a split personality if you will, but that’s only if the site gets reinstated. As for this site, I want people to be comfortable browsing this site at work without getting fired, school without being suspended, or at home without your significant other getting mad at you for looking at big tittied bitches. My favorite features on that other site where “Hot Chicks With Tatz”, “Big Booty Bitches” and the grandaddy of them all, “Tits Or GTFO” so I will miss doing the “research” for those post but it’s time for a change. Anyways, from time to time I will feature some eye candy on this site since I will forever be a straight warm-blooded male and the female physique is something that I will always enjoy looking at. These woman will never be nude (sorry) and will usually be from the wonderful world of professional wrestling. With that being said I hope you enjoy Velvet Sky: Rockstar.

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Matt Hardy Gets His Krispy Kreme On

TNA wrestler Matt Hardy has been the victim of online bullying due to weight he had gained before his WWE release last year. Fans have bashed him relentlessly about his weight, even going as far as calling him Fatt Lardy. Matt Hardy used the negativity as motivation and has went on to lose a considerable amount of weight since joining TNA Wrestling. Some might say that his weight loss was due to the massive amount of cocaine Matt Hardy has been exposed to courtesy of his reunion with his brother, Jeff Hardy. Others say Matt Hardy has been getting fit thanks to an all grape diet he has recently dedicated himself to. It would seem like the “Cold-Blooded” superstar was finally heading in the right direction when it came to his physical appearance so it’s surprising to hear that Matt Hardy has relapsed.

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Fuck Blogger ~ RIP THEREALSHYT.COM 8/31/2010 – 4/28/2011

The fine folks at Blogger have decided to shutdown without any explanation as to why they would do such a thing. Did I violate the sites Terms and Conditions? Did I abuse my first amendment rights? Did I post one to many booty pics? I have no idea what I did wrong and I feel like I deserve an explanation as to why was forced to shutdown. All I ever set out to do was entertain the masses. Sure my site was a bit edgy, but that’s what set me apart from the rest of the cookie cutter sites floating around the Internet, mainly the IWC. Am I highly upset about this inconvenience? You’re damn right I am, but it seems like there is nothing I could do about it. So with that being said, FUCK BLOGGER. I will never use their services again. I put in alot of time and effort into so having my work just disappear without a trace is really upsetting. I’m sure my haters are somewhere celebrating right now but fuck them. I must brush the dirt off my shoulders and start from scratch. This is my chance to start fresh. My redemption.

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