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Spoiler Alert: My Thoughts On The July 4th Edition Of WWE Monday Night RAW And A Special Message To Those That “Spoil” Wrestling

Spoiler Alert: My Thoughts On The July 4th Edition Of WWE Monday Night RAW And A Special Message To Those That “Spoil” Wrestling


In this post I will be discussing some of the spoilers that have leaked regarding the episode of Monday Night RAW that will air on 7/4/11. I won’t do full-blown spoilers, but I will touch upon the stuff that I find important. More than likely I will be out celebrating the 4th of July on Monday night so I might be too intoxicated to review RAW in a timely manner, so I thought what the hell, since the spoilers are already online I might as well speak on it. Usually I’m good when it comes to avoiding spoilers, but after the epic ending of this past Monday Night RAW I couldn’t help myself. I just had to know what was going to happen next. With that being said, if you don’t want to know what happens, don’t read this post. No, scratch that, just don’t read it now, but do make sure to come back to it on July 4th. If you already read them and want to discuss the spoilers then by all means do so in the comment section. If you have no idea what’s going on and would like to give into the temptation of the spoilers then by all means proceed. By the way, the actual spoilers will be in bold text and my thoughts will be in plain text. I don’t know how they are going to end up editing this show so maybe some of this stuff won’t make the cut. Also, I have used numerous sources for the spoilers and they all have slightly different variations of what happened, so I tried to structure the spoilers as best as I could using the information provided. Now on to the spoilers. Read more…

DVD Review: Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls Of Chris Jericho

DVD Review: Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls Of Chris Jericho


A while back I had said that I was going to review this DVD, but never got around to it. I have a ton of DVDs/Blurays that I haven’t had the pleasure of viewing yet and this one has been sitting on a stack of PS3 games for a while now. I thought that maybe I should start going through my collection and begin reviewing shit, so why not start with “Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls Of Chris Jericho”. This DVD set includes 3 DVDs and over 9 hours of Chris Jericho, including an in-depth documentary, various special features and 2 DVDs full of matches spanning the course of his illustrious career. In this DVD review, my first DVD review by the way, I’m going to write about the documentary. I might do the matches at another date, I might not, but for now I’m going to pop this in and break the walls of Chris Jericho.

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THE INFAMOUS™ WWE Monday Night RAW Review 6/27/11 – RAW Roulette

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THE INFAMOUS™ WWE Monday Night RAW Review 6/27/11 – RAW Roulette 


Watching Monday Night RAW can be like playing a game of Russian Roulette. RAW is the revolver. Your remote control is the trigger. The gun only has one bullet in it. The bullet is located in a chamber nestled in the cylinder. When you make the decision to tune in, you spin the cylinder and cock back the hammer as the cylinder aligns with the hammer and the barrel. When you flip to the USA Network you essentially pull the trigger on the gun. Sometimes RAW will do nothing to you and you live to see another day. Other times RAW will blow your fucking brain out of your head with something so awesome you can’t help but feel like you died and went to heaven because nothing in the world of professional wrestling will ever be good as that moment in time. RAW doesn’t provide these mind-blowing moments often, so we can just assume it’s a ten shot revolver (the average revolver holds 5-6 shots), but this episode of RAW left me with a self-inflicted bullet wound to the right side of my temple; proverbially speaking of course. Most of you might know exactly what I’m talking about and for those that don’t, I will break it down, break it down down.

The same analogy works with these reviews. Most sites have one bullet in a ten shot revolver. I fucks around and stick a bullet in every other chamber. This is bound to get messy.

*Inserts bullets into chamber, spins cylinder, cocks it back and hands you the revolver*

Pull the trigger. I fucking dare you.

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Public Service Announcement: 50,000+ Views In Under 2 Months

Public Service Announcement: 50,000+ Views In Under 2 Months


When I started blogging, I remember the naysayers telling me that I wouldn’t last more than 2 months. They also said that I couldn’t write and that I couldn’t attract more than 3 people to my site. Instead of going off on a negative rant, I will just let facts be my proverbial middle finger which they can all sit on and rotate if they so please. It’s safe to say that I have surpassed the 2 month timeframe where I was supposed to buckle down under the pressure and quit. It also should go without question that I can write. Sure some people read my all cap rants and thought that I was an illiterate asshole that just found a keyboard, but I told those people not to underestimate me. I possess an intelligence that they cannot seem to grasp. I admit that I stuck with the caps just to spite people. There is only so many times someone can tell me that the caps were stupid and to be taken serious as a writer that I should drop them. All that made me want to do was keep using them. I didn’t give a fuck about being taken serious because I wrote for fun. As time passed, writing became therapeutic. Chicken soup for the soul if you will. To be honest, if I didn’t settle down and start writing, lord knows what kinda trouble I would be getting myself into. Read more…

JCITY’s Random Smackdown Thoughts 6/24/11

JCITY’s Random Smackdown Thoughts 6/24/11


The last time I wrote about Smackdown, I did so using a random thoughts format. At the time, I was reviewing 2-3 wrestling shows a week and felt that every review should have their own style because reading the same type of review, from the same person, multiple times a week, can get old fast. So yea, this is the first time I write about Smackdown on this site so I wanted to make this different from my Monday Night RAW and Impact Wrestling reviews. For the record, this is not a Smackdown review, I repeat, this is not a Smackdown review. What I will do here is write about anything that comes to my head while watching Smackdown. Sometimes I will talk about a match, other times I will talk about commercials, shit, if I take a shit in the middle of watching Smackdown I might just write about that too. This is some totally random shit inspired by the episode of Smackdown that aired on 6/24/11. Let me know if you like this style or if I should use a more traditional review style.

This is a random smiley butt fucking a sheep. Let’s go. Read more…

Crossing The Line: The Best Impact Wrestling Review On The Whole F’N Planet 6/23/2011

Crossing The Line: The Best Impact Wrestling Review On The Whole F’N Planet 6/23/2011


Welcome to Crossing The Line, the best quality Impact Wrestling review on the whole fucking planet. Don’t like Impact reviews? Then make sure you vote for the kind of reviews you want to see on this site by voting on the poll on the right hand side of this page. The show with the most votes will become the main show I review on this site so make sure you rock the vote. Like Diddy once said “Vote or die”. Ok, maybe that’s a bit too extreme, but you get the point. I will be back either later on tonight or tomorrow morning with my Smackdown writing debut on this site. It’s leading the votes, so why the fuck not? Until then you can read this and let me know what you thought of this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling. Enjoy. Read more…

What If… Part 4 by Tony Kegger Featuring THE INFAMOUS JCITY™

What If…Part 4 by Tony Kegger


[Editors Note: Sorry Shane, but due to the success of our partnership on the last edition of “What If” I have once again joined Tony Kegger as he takes a look at moments in WWE history and wonders what would have happened if that moment had never existed. My writing will be bolded (except for the actual “What If” questions) and Tony’s will be in plain text. Enjoy.]

Welcome to the fourth “What If”. Click the links to read part onepart two, and part three. Read more…