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My Exclusive Interview With Michael Cole by Shaman’s Harvest

My Exclusive Interview With Michael Cole by Shaman’s Harvest


Disclaimer: This is intended solely for entertainment purposes only. The content of this interview is purely imaginary and did not really occur, but I wish it did.

Recently, I conducted an interview with WWE legend and current Smackdown commentator, Booker T. The purpose of that interview was to try and work out the problems between Michael Cole and Booker, so we could finally watch Smackdown in peace (I know, I’m such a goooooood Shaman’s Harvest). Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go down that way as Booker got a little (just a little) sidetracked and before he could even discuss the problems between him and Cole, I ended the interview early. I know, completely my fault. So, I decided that the issue wasn’t over just yet and decided that I wanted to work out the problems between Michael Cole and Booker T, once and for all.

In order to help out these two gentlemen, I needed to find out the reason that they are always bickering. I’ve decided to sit down with Michael Cole this time around and find out the cause of the hostility between him and Booker T. I needed to tell Cole that him and Booker are ruining Smackdown. Josh freaking Mathews has the balls of a mutilated fire ant, so he won’t ever say shit and I doubt Cole has ever re-watched Smackdown to find out how annoying they really are. So, I contacted Michael Cole (I’m the Raw GM so I know his email) and arranged a sit down interview between us two. Here’s how it went down. Read more…

This Week In WWE by Ray The Rambler

This Week In WWE by Ray The Rambler


This is my second column on this site. Please check out and be on the lookout for our first podcast coming soon. Also, would you like THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ to appear on it? That would be cool!

Anyways, hello and welcome to a new column that I felt the urge to write. Simply put, it’s what the title says it is; this week in the WWE. With the last few weeks being rather transcendent, it gave me an urge to write-up a “moments of the week” type thing. I’m unsure if I’ll be writing these up every week, so this is kind of a test column. Enough with the intro, let’s begin! Read more…

The Super WWE Biased I Hate Impact Wrestling Report 7/27/11

The Super WWE Biased I Hate Impact Wrestling Report 7/27/11


Impact Wrestling is a good alternative to the WWE, but if you listen to the haters online, Impact Wrestling is nothing more than a punchline with everything that is wrong with the wrestling industry. The hate towards the company brainwashes impressionable fans that have never heard of the company, but go out of their way to put the product down in some sort of blind allegiance to the WWE, which ends up turning off any potential fans they could have gained. With that being said, consider me brainwashed. For one review only, I too will pledge my allegiance to the WWE and write one of the most biased reviews I have ever written in my life. Now on to the feature presentation. Read more…

Criminal Minded: Wrestling With The Law

Criminal Minded: Wrestling With The Law


We are all human and we all make mistakes. While most of us live a “normal” lifestyle, some of us tend to get out of line every once in a while and some sort of discipline must be administered.  As the saying goes, “If you do the crime, you must do the time” and the fine folks in the world of professional wrestling are not exempt to this rule. After the jump, I have compiled a few mugshots of some of wrestling’s top Superstars with a brief description of what landed them in the slammer.  Read more…

Ask THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Some Motherfucking Questions

I used to like answering questions on my Formspring page, but people started abusing the anonymous feature just to leave me harassing questions, so that got to be quite annoying real fast. So yea, I’ve seen a few bloggers have people ask them questions from time to time or do some kind of mailbag, so this is my attempt at that. You can use this post to ask me all types of questions about wrestling’s past, present or future, music, movies, TV, current events, sex, drugs, sports, fashion, porn, video games, the site, whatever you can think of, I will answer (except personal questions like what’s my real name, where do I work or anything pertaining to family). I will come back to this post by the end of the weekend (maybe Sunday) and post some of the questions with my answers in a new blog, so the better the questions then the more entertaining my answers will be. So what the fuck are you waiting for? Ask me some motherfucking questions already! Read more…

Ace Hart’s Mid-Year Rankings Part 1 by Ace Hart

Ace Hart’s Mid-Year Rankings Part 1 by Ace Hart


As CM Punk would say… I’mmmmm baaaacccckkkk! My life’s been a crazy roller coaster recently, but I’m very excited to finally have some spare time to write. Everyone knows how much I love putting together my rankings articles, but I wanted to do something special for my return other than my usual top 5 / bottom 5 lists. So I decided to do a 7 part entire roster ranking (I have 51 superstars in all to rank). Each article will retroactively cover each month of 2011 dating all the way back to January and ending in July.

However, I didn’t know if I could objectively do these rankings. So while talking to my brother and some close friends, I came up with my own fun math equation in order to give what I felt was an “unbiased’ view into the rankings of all 51 Superstars I included on this list. I’m cautious about sharing the math equation with you because if you wanted to, you could just go and review for yourself and figure out who ranks where, but I assure you it was a very tedious task. I’ll put the exact point system I went with below, as long as you guys promise not to peek back at past results and add them up for yourself. Everyone hands in the air and repeat after me. “I, (Insert name here), do solemnly swear to not look into past WWE matches and remain in the dark regarding the Retroactive Rankings.” Alright, so we have a deal. The point system is below:

Each TV Appearance on Raw or Smackdown (no matches, just apperances): 2 Points

Each TV Match on Raw or Smackdown: 5 Points

PPV Match: 10 Points

PPV Win: 15 Points

PPV Main Event Match: 15 Points

PPV Main Event Win: 20 Points

Wrestlemania Match:15 Points

Wrestlemania Win: 20 Points

Tag Title Win: 10 Points

U.S. or IC Title Win: 20 Points

World Heavyweight or WWE Title Win: 25 Points

Royal Rumble Win: 20 Points

MITB Winner: 20 Points

So that’s my complete list of the points that go towards these rankings. I figure they’ll add to some fun debates and a few surprises. Of course, each month there’s sure to be guys that get 0 points, but that’ll even itself out as we go along. With that being said, let’s get to the list for January 2011! Read more…

THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: CM Punk On Jimmy Kimmel


It seems like every time I post one of these, it just happens to be CM Punk related. I might as well call this THE CM Punk Wrestling News Wire since I don’t really cover anything else but CM Punk news in these post. Can you blame me though? The man is a modern day legend. Anyways, I just found these videos of CM Punk on Jimmy Kimmel and I thought I should share it with all the CM Punk fans around the world who havent seen it yet. I thought this was pretty funny since CM Punk is arguing with a devoted 6 year old John Cena fan. The second video is after the jump. Enjoy.

Read more…