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My Exclusive Interview with Jim Ross by Shaman’s Harvest

My Exclusive Interview with Jim Ross by Shaman’s Harvest


Disclaimer: This is intended soley for entertainment purposes only. The contents of this interview are purely imaginary and did not really occur. I do not own nor did I create any of the videos below. 

This interview was recorded last month, but after the incidents that took place that day, I forgot all about it… until now.

I’ve done my “Exclusive Interviews” for a while now, and in my opinion, and hopefully yours, (because I crave your approval) they’ve been pretty successful, but like WWE CEOOEIEIO, Mr. Stephanie McMahon once said, change is necessary in life. It’s a part of evolution, and if you don’t change, evolution will pass you by. I’m taking Triple H’s advise and I’ve decided that it’s time for my “Exclusive Interviews” to evolve a bit. So far, it’s all been plain black text and white backgrounds, but today, that’s not going to be the case. Today, I’ve talked to my interviewee and thought it would be fun for me to record him (he said something about not trusting me and twisting his words like I do with everyone else or something), but unfortunately my voice will not be added, to keep an air of mystery, if you will. This time around I’m interviewing Good Ol’ JR, Jim Ross. I have to say, I wouldn’t trust any one of the other Superstars I’ve interviewed thus far to be able to handle an audio interview, but JR is about as professional as they come, so I trust him.

What do I hope to accomplish in this interview? I hope to really get a sense of JR’s thoughts and feelings on the current WWE product. I hope to get his true opinions on how he’s used, what WWE Superstars to watch out for, and maybe even his thoughts on Michael Cole. I took the New INFAMOUS PRIVATE JET™ (yes, we have that now) and met up with Mr. Ross in New York. Here’s what he had to say… Read more…

What If… Part 5 by Tony Kegger Featuring THE INFAMOUS JCITY™

What If… Part 5 by Tony Kegger


[Editor’s Note: “What If…” is back motherfuckers!!! The last time I posted an installment in Tony Kegger’s exclusive series was well over four months ago. That is mainly my fault though, as Tony finished this post well over 2 months ago, but as you all might know by now, I was away on a state sponsored vacation, thus wasn’t able to post this, let alone add my illustrious commentary to it. It has been such a long time, that I forgot this shit was even sitting in my inbox, but here it is, in all its splendid glory. As in previous editions, my thoughts will be bolded in brackets while the Kegmeister’s thoughts will be in plain text.  By the way, if you would like to check out any of the previous editions in this series, then click the following links; part one, part two, part three, and part four. Alright, let’s get right to it…] Read more…

My Thoughts On The WWE Survivor Series 2011 PPV

My Thoughts On The WWE Survivor Series 2011 PPV


On November 20, 2011, not only did The Rock make his in ring return to the WWE after a 7 year hiatus at the Survivor Series PPV, but the event also marked the 25th anniversary of one of WWE’s beloved Big 4 PPV’s. The Survivor Series PPV has provided me with tons of memorable moments in its vast 25 years of existence. From the debut of one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, The Undertaker, to his first WWF Championship win over Hulk Hogan, to the introduction of the Casket Match, to Undertakers “death” at the hands of Yokozuna and his cronies, to the start of the desention between Owen Hart and his brother Bret, to Bret Hart beating Diesel for the WWF Championship, thus ending his year-long reign as champion, to Bret Hart’s long anticipated return to the WWF in a match against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, after he left following his Wrestlemania 12 championship loss against Shawn Michaels, to the now infamous Montreal Screwjob, Kurt Angle vs Undertaker, Steve Austin vs Triple H, the first ever Elimination Chamber, Batista vs Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell, and so many other great moments. Considering its 25 years of rich wrestling history, it would have been a shame if Vince McMahon went through with his plans of wishing the PPV the best in its future endeavours. To me, Survivor Series is more than just a PPV. When I was a young boy, Survivor Series marked the beginning of my Thanksgiving countdown and to be quite honest with y’all, I have never outgrown that tradition and I don’t think I ever will. With all that being said, I ordered my first fucking PPV since Money In The Bank. At first I wasn’t really feeling the card, but the return of The Rock and CM Punk possibly winning the WWE Championship sealed the deal for me. By the way, I was going to review the PPV live, but decided to make an event out of it instead. I invited a few people over, drank a few beers, smoked a few blunts and just enjoyed the fuck out of the 25th anniversary of the Survivor Series. Anyways, enough with the introduction, let’s get this motherfucker started…

Read more…

Caption This Shyt: These Divas Are Slippery When WET!!!

Caption This Shyt: These Divas Are Slippery When WET!!!


Considering that a good 65% of the Internet Wrestling Community consist of nothing but nerds, virgins and basement dwellers, take it from me, a man who has entered the deep dark vaginal abyss on numerous occasions (unlike 85% of the writers in the IWC), that there is nothing sexier than a smoking hot chick drenched in water. Just take a look at the hard body Divas pictured above. Don’t ask me why, but the way their hair is all wet and in its natural state is really sexy to me. The way their body glistens in the light just makes me want to go into an uncontrollable fapping marathon and if I was to have my way with these Divas when this picture was taken, I would have devoured them whole, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t know what I mean, I meant the lost forgotten art of cunnilingus. Just be sure to schedule me an appointment with the doctors soon after, since we all know the Bella Twins are certifiable whores and one of them is bound to have Gonorrhea, but fuck it though, it would so be worth it. I mean c’mon, just look at Nikki, she’s fucking sexy as fuck when wet, making that kissy face and throwing up the peace sign, damn daddy likes that shit, but umm, yea, I’m digressing like a motherfucker, huh? Anyways, putting aside my strong desire to join this shower orgy, this pic raises a few questions, like why are these bitches even wearing clothes in the shower to begin with? What the fuck ever happened to Jillian Hall? Why is Alicia Fox holding Maryse’s sweet glorious breast? Why the fuck am I so fucking aroused right now? Ok, I’m done ranting and raving now, so go caption this shyt before I end up… Read more…

Does Everyone Really Love Ray? A Ray The Rambler vs THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Exclusive

Does Everyone Really Love Ray? A Ray The Rambler vs THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Exclusive

by Ray The Rambler and THE INFAMOUS JCITY™


[Editors Note: It’s been a long time hasn’t it? The last time I put together a legit post was way back in August. Summertime. Back when bitches were walking around half-naked and the only reason you went to the beach was to witness a glorious wardrobe malfunction, (c’mon, I know I wasn’t the only one, right?). Now, It’s about to be Winter up in this bitch. All the sexy bitches are starting to go into hibernation to replenish the moist wetness located in their vagina, which they will unleash starting in the warmer days of Spring, but this isn’t about the seasons, this is about the drama that has taking place between myself and Ray The Rambler. Now, usually when I publicly get into it with someone, I usually own them beyond belief and then I disown them. 99.9% of those beefs were started by others, so I felt no remorse when I attacked them and stooped to whatever means I had to, to ensure victory was mine. As most of you might know by now, I have recently been attacking fellow wrestling fan, Ray The Rambler. To some, it might seem like I’m picking on him for no reason and while he hasn’t attacked me personally, there’s been little things here and there that when combined over time have really started to irk me. Maybe I’ve been on my proverbial period due to all the things going on in my personal life, maybe I’m just being an inconsiderate asshole, but I recently sent Ray and email explaining all the things that have annoyed me lately and have made me lash out against him. I don’t ever go out of my way to patch things up with anyone I go against, but I thought it would be a good idea to turn this negative into a positive and have a debate with Ray about our current issues for your reading entertainment. My text will be bolded in brackets and Ray will ramble on in plain text, so let’s get this motherfucker started…]

Hey guys, JCITY has given me the opportunity to let me speak out regarding the drama and conflict between the two of us during the last couple of weeks. I thank him for this and we both agreed to not go further in all the drama and we will co-operate with each other in hope to drive both of our sites to the top. Now, most of you are going to agree with JCITY’s side of the story more because you’ve known him a lot longer than myself, but have you ever heard the saying, ”There are two sides to every story”? Well, there really is, so let me clarify exactly where the conflict and tension occurred between us and I will discuss my reaction to these in the points as he mentioned in an email I received recently. Read more…