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THE REAL RAW SHYT: A WWE Monday Night RAW Review 1/30/12

THE REAL RAW SHYT: A WWE Monday Night RAW Review 1/30/12 


Welcome to the most provocative, sexy, innovative and highly intelligent look at Monday Night RAW this side of the equator, THE REAL RAW SHYT. Nominated for…well this shit ain’t nominated for a damn fucking thing, but if you’re reading this now then you already know what fucking time it is. Last week’s show ended in true soap opera fashion as John Laurinaitis position as the Interim General Manager of RAW was in jeopardy as Triple H was going to be blessing us with his motherfucking presence this week so he could evaluate the job John has been doing lately. Will the raspy voiced bastard be fired this week or will he get to keep his job? Find out after the jump, or go fuck yourself. The choice is yours… Read more…

My Favorite Moments From The 2012 WWE Royal Rumble PPV

My Favorite Moments From The 2012 WWE Royal Rumble PPV 


This past Sunday WWE aired its annual Royal Rumble PPV and while everyone I’ve talked to so far has praised the event, I personally didn’t like it so much. All of the matches leading up to the Rumble felt like filler, no titles changed hands, no hate was embraced, the world as we know it didn’t end, the matches that were added to the card didn’t add anything special to the event and nothing important really happened. Then again, maybe I just set my expectations too high. Anyways, while the Rumble itself had its moments, compared to previous years, it was a big letdown. All my predictions were wrong, minus the Daniel Bryan pick, but he didn’t win the way I said he would so there’s that. The Royal Rumble wasn’t all bad though. I found a few good moments in the event, so instead of reviewing a show I would more than likely ripped to shreds, I decided to point out the positives, and since there aren’t many this should be a very short read.  You’ve been warned.  Read more…

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!! A 25th Anniversary Preview Of The 2012 Royal Rumble

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!! A 25th Anniversary Preview Of The 2012 Royal Rumble 


This Sunday marks the 25th Anniversary of the Royal Rumble PPV and to celebrate I will preview every match on the card while predicting the winners and losers of every match, including the illustrious 30 Man Royal Rumble Match, where the winner will receive a coveted World Championship opportunity at the biggest PPV of the year. The Road To WrestleMania starts now.  Read more…

Why The Miz Deserves More by JoeMan

Why The Miz Deserves More by JoeMan


I’m a huge fan of The Miz. However, it seems like most older/retired Pro Wrestlers are not as big of a fan of his. He has been called soft, not a legit tough guy, yadda yadda yadda. Guess what though, it doesn’t matter what you think of him. He has transcended a Reality Show on his way to becoming a main eventer in the WWE and that is no easy feat.

Here is where most of the disconnect comes from. He started his livelihood as a Reality TV personality on The Real World and the spinoff Real World/Road Rules challenges. Lots of people have an issue with this apparently. First off, if you were to judge every wrestler where they came from, some of your all-time favorites would not be looked at in the same light. Alot of the wrestlers you have seen throughout the years have used Pro Wrestling as a fall back. Whether it was because their football, basketball, or bodybuilding career did not pan out the way they planned it or they just used wrestling as a stepping stone to acting in movies, most wrestlers only look at wresting as a job. Not The Miz. His love for wrestling is legit. Not everyone you see in the ring actually cares about the business as much as you, I, or The Miz does. It’s just a platform for them. Just a way to make some money. Read more…

The Funniest Story Ever Told: Worse Date EVER!!!

[Editors Note: I did NOT write this. This story was brought to my attention a long time ago and ’til this day I still find it to be one of the most hilarious things I have ever read in my life. Enjoy.]

Alright, I don’t care if you guys believe me, but this is real. This is the most embarrassing thing that I’ve ever experienced. It was a horrible night for me and I’m sharing it with you guys because I don’t want any of my bros to have to go through this, especially since it all could have been EASILY prevented. I have added MS paint images so that you have a better idea about what happened. It’s very long, but I’ll do my best to recount all of the important details. No fucking cliffhangers. Please read this to save yourself from something like this. Read more…

Blu Ray Review: Attack The Block

Blu Ray Review: Attack The Block


After watching the trailer for this movie on the Scream 4 Blu Ray, I felt intrigued by the mere thought of an alien invasion in an unban inner city setting, so I threw caution to the wind and hunted down “Attack The Block” on Blu Ray to add to my movie collection. At first I was a bit hesitant to pick it up because I’ve read that the movie featured heavy UK slang that Americans wouldn’t be able to understand and after watching the movie three times in its entirety I can say that whoever wrote that just wasn’t hip to street lingo because I understood everything perfectly. Good UK movies are rarely released here in the States, but this movie was made by the same people who brought us “Shaun Of The Dead”, which was a movie I enjoyed, being a whore for all things Zombies and all, so I thought that if this movie was to display half the humor and action of “Shaun Of The Dead” then it would have been a worthwhile purchase, and I was right. I usually buy movies, watch them, and forget them, but “Attack The Block” was different. I fucking loved this movie from beginning to end. I don’t consider many flicks to be instant cult classics, but “Attack The Block” is exactly that. For a while I’ve held a personal grudge against the UK for bombarding my television set with news and updates on the Royal Wedding last year, but all is forgiven thanks to this magnificent film. Read more…

THE REAL RAW SHYT: My Thoughts On RAW Supershow 1/23/12

THE REAL RAW SHYT: My Thoughts On RAW Supershow 1/23/12


Before I get into my thoughts on Monday Night RAW, there is an issue that I have to address. Internet haters, keyboard warriors, trolls and anonymous online twats. Lately they have infiltrated the site leaving hateful comments filled with negativity and personal attacks that have nothing to do with the topics at hand. While I’m used to having haters in every aspect of my life, I find that they ruin the reading, writing and commentating experience of those who take the time to participate in the interactive aspect of this site. Having people attack each other is not the type of community I want to build here. I’m all for comments that question logic, a writer’s opinion or just give constructive criticism, but attacking people just for the sake of it will not be tolerated. I know I’ve been just as guilty by feeding the trolls and being twice as negative in return, but in my case I feel that I’m justified in my actions because I don’t go out of my way to start the negativity to begin with. With that being said, if I see any unwarranted personal attacks directed at any of my writers then I’m just going to ban that person on the spot. If you have a problem with me, direct your idiocity at me and no one else. If this is an attempt to scare off any potential new writers then you can take your thoughts and opinions and shove them up your asses. I want to see the site grow so if I have to weed out a few bad apples for that to happen then so be it. I’m not John Cena, I don’t have to Rise Above The Hate. Act civilized or GET THE FUCK OUT. I have no time for bitch made motherfuckers. Fuck!

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, it’s now time for the feature presentation… Read more…