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My Book Of Rhymes: Chapter One: JCITY Is Dead

My Book Of Rhymes: Chapter One: JCITY Is Dead 


Before I started writing on the Internet, I used to write rhymes every chance I could get. I’m no rapper or anything, but if a freestyle cypher popped up around my way, I wanted in. Sometimes my rhymes were so hot that I felt the need to use my phone to record what I was saying just so I could go home and write it all down for future reference. Nothing ever came out of those rhymes… until now. I was cleaning out my closet earlier today and I stumbled upon some old raps I had written a few years back and thought to myself; fuck it, I might as well archive my little rhymes on my site. I might have used one or two of these raps just fucking around on YouTube in the past, but for the most part, these rhymes are fresh to def son. Now, to all you wannabe rappers out there that just happen to stumble upon this and want to steal my shit, I have bad news for you, most of my rhymes are copyrighted, so if I ever hear anybody spitting my shit, I will be suing your fucking asses. Anyways, Chapter One in My Book Of Rhymes is a song called “JCITY Is Dead”. When I wrote this shit I wasn’t suicidal or anything like that, I just let the beat dictate my flow so ch-ch-check it out yo… Read more…

A Random Ass Email Submission by JoeMan

A Random Ass Email Submission by JoeMan


Ok, its been awhile since I have written anything for This is a ramble article so if it doesn’t make any sense don’t blame me, blame the rain. I work more than full-time at a shitty customer service/sales job, so balancing writing for this site and trying to bring in income is tough, mostly because I need time to write. I don’t have time at home either, believe it or not I have 2 kids and a woman that for some reason or another married me. Read more…

Smash Or Pass: Would You Have Sex With These Women?

Simmer down Capt. Smooth, this post hasn't even started yet. Jeez!

Smash Or Pass: Would You Have Sex With These Women?


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if that’s really the case then there is no such thing as an ugly person. While some people may be considered sexier/uglier by the general public, we are all beautiful to someone. With that being said, I have gathered a few of the sexiest women known to man and ask you; Would you Smash or Pass? Let’s begin.  Read more…

Valentine’s Day Fucking Sucks So I’m Going On Strike Today!

Valentine’s Day Fucking Sucks So I’m Going On Strike Today! 


I fucking hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a scam of a holiday used to promote consumerism by brainwashing a bunch of pussy whooped motherfuckers into buying their significant others something “special”, be it cards, chocolates, lingerie, teddy bears and other worthless bullshit manufacturers could draw a fucking heart on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the love, but I’m not a sentimental motherfucker that feels the need to show my love through materialistic means. I think Valentine’s Day is better suited for guys trying to trick airheaded bimbos into sleeping with them, but let’s be serious, if a bitch is willing to give you some pussy just because you brought her a fucking Valentine’s Day Card, then that bitch isn’t worth a damn to begin with. Read more…

God Is Imaginary So Take Your Goddamn Religion And Shove It Up Your Motherfucking Ass

God Is Imaginary So Take Your Goddamn Religion And Shove It Up Your Motherfucking Ass


Ok, so at 7:30 in the morning, two Mormon douchebags decided to ring my fucking doorbell and wake me the fuck up from a good night’s sleep just so they could bore me to death with their religious propaganda. According to them, God wants all of his children to be saved and this was his way of reaching his hand out to me and saving me from any and all sins I might have committed in my lifetime. Not only was it too fucking early to be coming to my house and ringing my doorbell like they didn’t have any goddamn sense, but I wasn’t trying to hear any of that religious bullshit. I fucking hate when people try to shove their religion down my throat. I get it all the damn time, from growing up with a Jesus obsessed mother, who used to beat my ass every time I did something Jesus would frown upon or people passing me flyers about my need to repent when I pass them in the street, I’ve done had my fill of Jesus Christ and his stupid ass father. I’m the type of person that the more you try to shove your agenda down my throat, the better the chances are of me rebelling against it just to spite you. Now, I’m not hating on people and their beliefs (as stupid as some of them are), but I just don’t fucking get the point of religion. Read more…

#NSFW: Random Nonsense ~ The Weekend Of 2/10 – 2/12 *LIVE*

#NSFW: Random Nonsense ~ The Weekend Of 2/10 – 2/12 *LIVE* 


[Editors Note: This post is officially one for the history books. I talked about the first time I smoked weed, my issues with insomnia, delivered a full length WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review, exposed Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” as a faggot, shitted on the death of Whitney Houston, dissed a bunch of popular acts in the Music Industry, responded to some fan mail and hailed Hitler. To say this post was controversial would be an understatement, so if you haven’t checked it out, what the fuck are you waiting for?]

Welcome to “Random Nonsense”, a new experimental blog where I will write LIVE about whatever the fuck I want to write about, ALL WEEKEND LONG. I have not giving any thought to what I will end up posting here, but hey, at least I had the courtesy of labeling this post NSFW, just in case I decided to randomly shave my balls and post a picture online so the whole world can check out my crazy manscaping skills. Like I said before, I will be updating this blog ALL WEEKEND LONG so make sure to check back often. This is either going to be a massive success or a failure of epic proportions. Fuck it though, here goes nothing… Read more…

#NowPlaying ~ WWE On YouTube

My eye is still fucked the fuck up, which means it’s nearly impossible for me to sit at my computer and type for long periods of time. So instead of writing a wrestling related article or a big fuck you letter to my stupid ass doctor that must have graduated from a piss poor Community College thus doesn’t know how to properly diagnose a damn fucking thing and deserves a stethoscope up her ass, I’m just going to post all of the new WWE videos that have aired on YouTube thus far under their new initiative to go viral. Now, I haven’t watched all of these, but I saw “Are You Serious?” and “WWE Download” and I must say that if this is any indication of what the WWE has in store for us when they finally debut their long-awaited Television Network, I think I might just keep that channel on lock 24/7. Vidz after the jump.  Read more…