I am THE INFAMOUS JCITY™  and I started this site when my old site got shut down for like a week. I guess I was too raw and uncut for Blogger so I decided to clean up my act and start a new. New attitude, new writing style and new site. Blogger can go suck it, WordPress is where it’s at.

So you can kinda call this my redemption. My chance to make a second impression. Long gone are my ALL CAPS writing, my epic diss blogs and the posting of hot naked chicks. In its place is a more accessible style. Don’t get it twisted though, just because I now carry myself as eloquently as I can doesn’t mean I won’t get in that ass if I have to.

Anyways, I write about things that interest me, mainly professional wrestling, music and pop culture.

If you would like to submit a guest blog then you can do so by emailing me at jcity617@yahoo.com and I might post it here on this site.

Everything you see on this site has been edited by me, which includes spell-checks, grammar correction, fixing sentence structures and the adding of pictures if need be.

All I set out to do with this site is entertain and give others a chance to be read worldwide. Enjoy.

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