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THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: A South African Thief’s P.O.V On Robbing WWE Superstars

THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: A South African Thief’s P.O.V On Robbing WWE Superstars 


THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire was created to cover legit wrestling news as it happens, but the current batch of news is boring as fuck, so I decided to take one news story from the week and create a story around it. In this edition I used the news that broke out about WWE Superstars having items stolen out of their luggage at a South African airport. While this story is a work of fiction, keep in mind that it is indeed based on a true story.

[Editors Note: A _____’s P.O.V is a new experimental writing style from the warped mind of  THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ where he puts himself in somebody else’s shoes and writes from their perspective. JCITY is known for his controversial style so it will be a breath of fresh air to see him leave his comfort zone as he invades the consciousness of others to present to you their mind frame through his eyes. In this edition, JCITY will delve into the mind of a South African Thief as he confesses to robbing items out of luggage belonging to WWE Superstars. Enjoy.]

Hello, my name is Kuntanamo Kinte and I’m the 7-year-old kid pictured above with the bandage on my head. The kid next to me was Mustafarian Kinte. He was my brother. He recently passed away from famine and disease. I miss him dearly, but I fear that if I don’t eat soon, I will be the next to die. The point of starvation me and my crew has had to endure is unbearable, but that all changed when WWE came to town. Let me tell you our story.  Read more…