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The Origin Of A Destiny: The Real Del Rio Legacy

The Origin Of A Destiny: The Real Del Rio Legacy


Well, isn’t this a fucking blast from the past. For those not in the know, the woman pictured above is vintage slut and porn legend, Vanessa Del Rio. Some might know her for her cameo in Junior Mafia’s “Get Money” music video, others might know her for the excellent blowjob and “Queen of Anal” skills she displayed in the wonderful world of pornography, but one man knows this cum bucket as his mother. That man is Alberto Del Rio.

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The True Story of Alberto Del Rio by Shaman’s Harvest

The True Story of Alberto Del Rio by Shaman’s Harvest


Disclaimer: The following story is completely fabricated and contains homoerotic content, sexual and pornographic situations, racial stereotyping, violence, and boy bands. If any of the above offends you to the point where you will yell at me in the comment section, do not read any further, but I hope you do because I think this is the greatest thing I’ve ever written.

WWE portrays Alberto Del Rio as a rich Mexican Aristocrat who owns farms and plantations with hundreds of underpaid workers; someone who owns a never-ending supply of cars where each one cost more than your house; someone who’s so rich he could fund the Mexican Olympic team, but still feels the need to work for the WWE for some strange reason. You know what I say to that? Shooky Dooky Quack Quack that is mega bullshit. I think it’s time you learn who your WWE Champion really is. I happen to know who Alberto Del Rio really is and I know how he really got to the WWE. We here at like to tell the truth. THEINFAMOUSJCITY™ told you all the truth with what happened to Matt Hardy the day he got fired from TNA, some of you didn’t like that, but it needed to be said, just like this needs to be said. So here it is, the true story of Alberto Del Rio! Read more…