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Blu Ray Review: Attack The Block

Blu Ray Review: Attack The Block


After watching the trailer for this movie on the Scream 4 Blu Ray, I felt intrigued by the mere thought of an alien invasion in an unban inner city setting, so I threw caution to the wind and hunted down “Attack The Block” on Blu Ray to add to my movie collection. At first I was a bit hesitant to pick it up because I’ve read that the movie featured heavy UK slang that Americans wouldn’t be able to understand and after watching the movie three times in its entirety I can say that whoever wrote that just wasn’t hip to street lingo because I understood everything perfectly. Good UK movies are rarely released here in the States, but this movie was made by the same people who brought us “Shaun Of The Dead”, which was a movie I enjoyed, being a whore for all things Zombies and all, so I thought that if this movie was to display half the humor and action of “Shaun Of The Dead” then it would have been a worthwhile purchase, and I was right. I usually buy movies, watch them, and forget them, but “Attack The Block” was different. I fucking loved this movie from beginning to end. I don’t consider many flicks to be instant cult classics, but “Attack The Block” is exactly that. For a while I’ve held a personal grudge against the UK for bombarding my television set with news and updates on the Royal Wedding last year, but all is forgiven thanks to this magnificent film. Read more…