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Exclusive Interview with Capt. Smooth by Tony Kegger

Exclusive Interview with Capt. Smooth by Tony Kegger


The Infamous Crew™ has several members and one of those members is Capt. Smooth. He has established himself as one of the most important members of The Infamous Crew™ despite the fact that he has never written a column that has been published on this website. He has left several witty and funny comments at THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ website, but his words have never appeared above the comments. Well actually that is not completely true. His words actually did appear in the column in which JCITY™ answered questions from visitors who left questions for him in the comments, but the questions Capt. Smooth and everybody else submitted were uncredited so it was an unofficial debut for Capt. Smooth. However, that has all changed now because I have interviewed Capt. Smooth for this website and his words will be officially recognized as the words of Capt. Smooth. This is Capt. Smooth’s official THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ debut!

My interview with Capt. Smooth is long so hopefully you will have learned a lot about him when you are finished reading this interview. I asked Capt. Smooth over 30 questions. We did the interview live in a chat box (thanks Chatroll!). I corrected his typos and put brackets around words he left out that I felt were necessary, but other than that, what you see is what he really wrote. Capt. Smooth is an interesting guy and I hope you enjoy the interview. Read more…