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Caption This Shyt: John Cena Is A Fruit…y Pebble

Caption This Shyt: John Cena Is A Fruit…y Pebble


Ok, now I’m fucking convinced that the WWE is fucking with us for the hell of it. Not only are they now selling anti-Cena merchendise, but now if you buy a box of Fruity Pebbles Cereal, you can win the chance to meet John Cena in person. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m loving the fact that the WWE is no longer shying away from all the John Cena hate and are starting to embrace it. Putting John Cena on a box of Fruity motherfucking Pebbles is fucking GENIUS!!! If the WWE continues doing shit like this then they might end up killing a good percentage of the John Cena hate by turning everyones Cena hating ammunition against them. After the jump is the back of the cereal box. Shoutout to Capt. Smooth for putting me on this.  Read more…

Caption This Shyt: The Fuzzy Sock That Warms Your Cock!

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list that is difficult to shop for, then look no further, The X-Mas Tuggie is here. It’s like a Snuggie, but for your dick. Be the envy of all your friends this holiday season with your very own (and extremely festive) Candy Cane cock sock. Also available in a very stylish leopard print pattern. This is not a Photoshop, you can ACTUALLY buy this. I couldn’t make this shit up even if I tried. Product information after the jump. Read more…

Caption This Shyt: These Divas Are Slippery When WET!!!

Caption This Shyt: These Divas Are Slippery When WET!!!


Considering that a good 65% of the Internet Wrestling Community consist of nothing but nerds, virgins and basement dwellers, take it from me, a man who has entered the deep dark vaginal abyss on numerous occasions (unlike 85% of the writers in the IWC), that there is nothing sexier than a smoking hot chick drenched in water. Just take a look at the hard body Divas pictured above. Don’t ask me why, but the way their hair is all wet and in its natural state is really sexy to me. The way their body glistens in the light just makes me want to go into an uncontrollable fapping marathon and if I was to have my way with these Divas when this picture was taken, I would have devoured them whole, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t know what I mean, I meant the lost forgotten art of cunnilingus. Just be sure to schedule me an appointment with the doctors soon after, since we all know the Bella Twins are certifiable whores and one of them is bound to have Gonorrhea, but fuck it though, it would so be worth it. I mean c’mon, just look at Nikki, she’s fucking sexy as fuck when wet, making that kissy face and throwing up the peace sign, damn daddy likes that shit, but umm, yea, I’m digressing like a motherfucker, huh? Anyways, putting aside my strong desire to join this shower orgy, this pic raises a few questions, like why are these bitches even wearing clothes in the shower to begin with? What the fuck ever happened to Jillian Hall? Why is Alicia Fox holding Maryse’s sweet glorious breast? Why the fuck am I so fucking aroused right now? Ok, I’m done ranting and raving now, so go caption this shyt before I end up… Read more…

Caption This Shyt: Is Matt Hardy Sucking Dick For Crack Again?

Caption This Shyt: Is Matt Hardy Sucking Dick For Crack Again?


And the Matt Hardy saga continues… I’ve recently stumbled upon this hilarious pic on Matt Hardy’s Twitter page and it appears as if Matt is either sucking off a transsexual prostitute, is once again providing his services for illicit narcotics, or he is trying to lick on Reby Sky’s crab infested vagina. Nobody would drop down to their knees under any circumstances and face somebody else’s genital region unless they were planning on sucking on a little something something, I’m just saying. We already know that Matt Hardy sucks dick for crack, so it doesn’t surprise me to see this kind of behavior coming from the “Cold Blooded” one, but damn, this shit is beginning to get fucking ridiculous. At the rate Matt Hardy is going, he is making his brother Jeff seem like an angel by comparison and that’s saying alot. If only someone could get Shane Helms to intervene in his friends lives instead of enabling them to throw it away. Matt Hardy had all the potential in the world to be one of the greatest Sports Entertainer of all time, but now he is nothing more than the posterboy for everything that can and will go wrong when you start fucking with drugs. I’m never smoking another blunt for as long as I live after witnessing the trainwreck that is Matt Hardy Version Drug Addict. I guess his life served a purpose after all.


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Caption This Shyt: The Adventures Of The WWE Championship

The WWE Championship has been spotted all over Chicago ever since CM Punk won it at the Money In The Bank PPV. Finally, Chicago has a champion they can be proud of. I bet that’s the closest that Cubs logo will ever get to a championship huh? After the jump are two more pics of the championship. Where will it end up next?

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Caption This Shyt: What? Too Soon?

If this upsets you, but the stuff I pointed out in yesterdays post doesn’t, then you really need to question the stability of your mentality. OHHHH YEAHHHH!!!! Go Caption This Shyt. Read more…

Caption This Shyt: R-Truth Wants His Son Back!!!

Have you seen R-Truth’s son? He would sure like him back. The last time R-Truth saw his son, he dropped him off at Little Jimmy’s house. When he went to pick Little Ronnie up from his friends house, he was nowhere to be found. R-Truth asked Little Jimmy about the whereabouts of his son, but Little Jimmy seemed more interested in playing with his John Cena action figures. Truth has since developed a hatred for all things John Cena and Little Jimmy and everyone is about to get GOT until Little Ronnie makes his way back to his dad, and THAT’S THE TRUTH!!!!!


I was really looking forward to posting Ultimate Warrior’s 55 minute Hulk Hogan diss video that he promised would drop yesterday, but I guess he pussied out. WHAT YOU GONNA DO BROTHER, WHEN HULK HOGAN THREATENS A LAWSUIT AGAINST YOU?!? If your the Warrior I guess you tuck your tail between your legs and hide. Whatever, fuck these washed up old geezers. Anyways, I will be back later on tonight with my WWE Capitol Punishment preview. I will try my best not to pull a Warrior and actually have it up. If not tonight then tomorrow morning before I head out to the Bruins Championship Parade. It sure does feel good to be a Boston sports fan in the 2000’s 🙂

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