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THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Would Like To Wish You All A Merry Christmas, A Krazy Kwanza, A Happy Hanukkah, A Festive Festivus, A Seductive Sinterklaas, Felix Navida, Or Like I Should Have Said In The First Place, Happy Holidays… Motherfuckers!!! *NSFW*

[Editors Note: I will not be writing any “Question Of The Day” posts this week. In its place I will post blogs that highlight the best, worse and any other thing that comes to mind when it comes to wrestling in 2011. Stay tuned.]

I hope you all have fun celebrating the holiday of your choice this year. I know I will, but I’m not here to get all sentimental on your asses, so instead of posting some heartfelt holiday message I would have more than likely stolen off a Hallmark card, I decided to keep the celebration going by posting a bunch of Santa’s naughtiest Hos. So, put your presents to the side, stop sipping that eggnog and hop on board the Ho Ho Hooooooooooooooooo Train!!!

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