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Dear IWC, CM Punk Sucks And Is Bad For Ratings.

He’s 2011’s hottest commodity. The IWC loves him. Hardcore fans have regained faith in the product because of him. He sells a ton of merchandise and he’s the voice of a new generation, but it seems that casual fans just don’t give a fuck about CM Punk as the WWE Champion. Punk’s segments on Monday Night RAW have been losing viewers left and right. It’s a real shocker when one of the most popular Superstars on the current roster draws the worst ratings of the century. Ratings haven’t been this bad since 1997 when WWE was in the mist of rebranding itself. WWE officials have been contemplating on taking the WWE Championship off Punk due to his inability to draw in the casual viewer, which says alot about the current product. We might end up being stuck with yet another John Cena WWE Championship run if WWE officials think that might help boost the ratings. More after the jump.  Read more…