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The Super WWE Biased I Hate Impact Wrestling Report 7/27/11

The Super WWE Biased I Hate Impact Wrestling Report 7/27/11


Impact Wrestling is a good alternative to the WWE, but if you listen to the haters online, Impact Wrestling is nothing more than a punchline with everything that is wrong with the wrestling industry. The hate towards the company brainwashes impressionable fans that have never heard of the company, but go out of their way to put the product down in some sort of blind allegiance to the WWE, which ends up turning off any potential fans they could have gained. With that being said, consider me brainwashed. For one review only, I too will pledge my allegiance to the WWE and write one of the most biased reviews I have ever written in my life. Now on to the feature presentation. Read more…

Crossing The Line: The Best Impact Wrestling Review On The Whole F’N Planet 6/23/2011

Crossing The Line: The Best Impact Wrestling Review On The Whole F’N Planet 6/23/2011


Welcome to Crossing The Line, the best quality Impact Wrestling review on the whole fucking planet. Don’t like Impact reviews? Then make sure you vote for the kind of reviews you want to see on this site by voting on the poll on the right hand side of this page. The show with the most votes will become the main show I review on this site so make sure you rock the vote. Like Diddy once said “Vote or die”. Ok, maybe that’s a bit too extreme, but you get the point. I will be back either later on tonight or tomorrow morning with my Smackdown writing debut on this site. It’s leading the votes, so why the fuck not? Until then you can read this and let me know what you thought of this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling. Enjoy. Read more…

Crossing The Line: The Best Impact Wrestling Review On The Whole F’N Planet 6/9/2011

Crossing The Line: The Best Impact Wrestling Review On The Whole F’N Planet 6/9/2011


It’s been a while since I have reviewed Impact Wrestling. So why am I reviewing Impact when I could have reviewed Smackdown? It’s because wrestling matters. The last time I checked WWE wasn’t the end all be all when it comes to professional wrestling. I have been watching TNA for a few years now and I must say that I do enjoy their brand of wrestling. I know the IWC likes to hate on everything that’s not affiliated with WWE, but if they took the time to watch the show instead of ripping it in order to seem cool and fit in with the rest of the online savages they would realize that Impact Wrestling can be a good wrestling show which sometimes tops RAW in overall entertainment value. Yeah, I said it and what? Anyways, this used to be my most disrespectful and vulgar review out of the bunch. Before wrestling mattered, TNA’s slogan was “Crossing The Line”. I took that to heart and made sure I pushed the envelope on my Impact reviews. I have toned it down for this site though since I tend to force it and I want to expose Impact Wrestling in a positive light. I know, shocker. Mostly every TNA review I read is some negative bullshit based on Hogan/Bishoff/Russo hate bias, but I don’t give 2 shits about who books the show, I just write about the entertainment presented to me. So without further ado let’s cross the line because WRESTLING MATTERS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!! Read more…