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Rare WWF Photos: Terri Runnels by Tony Kegger

Rare WWF Photos: Terri Runnels

by Tony Kegger

In early 2000, I was 11 years old. That’s too young for Playboy Magazines, so the next best thing was a WWF RAW Magazine. Now before you get the wrong idea, remember that the year was 2000. That was during the ATTITUDE ERA. WWF Magazines were awesome back then. Every issue had a “Diva of the Month” feature in which they would pick a WWF Diva and do a photo shoot. WWF wasn’t TV-PG back then so the photos were very racy. I got rid of most of my WWF magazines, but I kept the February 2000 issue of RAW Magazine. I would like to say that I saved it because Mick Foley was on the cover, but the truth is that I saved it because of Terri Runnels. After 2002, I stopped caring about wrestling, but the photos of Terri Runnels in that issue were so hot that I had to keep it. The photos are so amazing that I had to share them. I hope you enjoy these photos because the WWE would never put photos this sexy in their magazine today. Read more…

Caption This Shyt: These Divas Are Slippery When WET!!!

Caption This Shyt: These Divas Are Slippery When WET!!!


Considering that a good 65% of the Internet Wrestling Community consist of nothing but nerds, virgins and basement dwellers, take it from me, a man who has entered the deep dark vaginal abyss on numerous occasions (unlike 85% of the writers in the IWC), that there is nothing sexier than a smoking hot chick drenched in water. Just take a look at the hard body Divas pictured above. Don’t ask me why, but the way their hair is all wet and in its natural state is really sexy to me. The way their body glistens in the light just makes me want to go into an uncontrollable fapping marathon and if I was to have my way with these Divas when this picture was taken, I would have devoured them whole, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t know what I mean, I meant the lost forgotten art of cunnilingus. Just be sure to schedule me an appointment with the doctors soon after, since we all know the Bella Twins are certifiable whores and one of them is bound to have Gonorrhea, but fuck it though, it would so be worth it. I mean c’mon, just look at Nikki, she’s fucking sexy as fuck when wet, making that kissy face and throwing up the peace sign, damn daddy likes that shit, but umm, yea, I’m digressing like a motherfucker, huh? Anyways, putting aside my strong desire to join this shower orgy, this pic raises a few questions, like why are these bitches even wearing clothes in the shower to begin with? What the fuck ever happened to Jillian Hall? Why is Alicia Fox holding Maryse’s sweet glorious breast? Why the fuck am I so fucking aroused right now? Ok, I’m done ranting and raving now, so go caption this shyt before I end up… Read more…

Kharma is a Bitch – My Thoughs On The Booking Of The Monster “Diva” by Ana_ZackPack

[Editors Note: I know I have cracked a few jokes at the expense of the current WWE Divas roster, but to be honest I am a fan of womans wrestling. Unfortunately WWE doesn’t care about the Divas the way I would like them to and that is why I enjoy the TNA Knockouts division, even though lately they have been using WWE antics when it comes to pushing their female talent (get it together Dixie). I am not saying this just to say it and sound cool, read this then tell me that I dont appreciate womans wrestling. Go ahead, I dare you. Anyways, when it comes to IWC journalism a female perspective is hard to come by. I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather read about the Divas from an actual female. Men see the Divas as mere eye candy because that is what we have been programmed to think. With that being said it is my pleasure to feature THE INFAMOUS CREW™’s first lady, Ana. Ana is no stranger to the world of professional wrestling and is very knowledgeable in all types of wrestling not just WWE. She is also the highest viewed guest blogger in the history of with over 3,000+ views on her column “Let’s talk about Divas”. Anyway, I’m going to try and finish up the “WHAT?” before I start my Cinco De Mayo festivities so in the meantime show Ana some love, or else!!! Lol. Enjoy.]

Hello there, my name is Ana, but you already know that. Or not. I wrote an article or two for until college started and I disappeared, leaving the wrestling commentaries and my Twitter account to die. About two days ago, I suddenly reminded that I had a Twitter account and I logged in, seeing immediately that @JeroenMedema had asked me where I was and that @JCITYHUSTLA617 had wished me a Happy New Year. More important than that, JCITY told me that my guest blogs had tons of views and then my wrestling bug decided to bite me again, that being the reason why I am writing this, when I should be doing Literature work for college.

As I was thinking about what I should write about, only one name came to my mind, Kharma. If you know a little bit about me, you might know that I criticize the Divas division, for the simple fact that WWE usually decides to keep useless models (sorry Rosa, you probably are a nice girl in real life, but wrestling isn’t for you) and release women like Serena Deeb or Katie Lea (who was, fortunately, picked up by TNA) who are excellent wrestlers, but never had a real opportunity to shine.

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