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Valentine’s Day Fucking Sucks So I’m Going On Strike Today!

Valentine’s Day Fucking Sucks So I’m Going On Strike Today! 


I fucking hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a scam of a holiday used to promote consumerism by brainwashing a bunch of pussy whooped motherfuckers into buying their significant others something “special”, be it cards, chocolates, lingerie, teddy bears and other worthless bullshit manufacturers could draw a fucking heart on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the love, but I’m not a sentimental motherfucker that feels the need to show my love through materialistic means. I think Valentine’s Day is better suited for guys trying to trick airheaded bimbos into sleeping with them, but let’s be serious, if a bitch is willing to give you some pussy just because you brought her a fucking Valentine’s Day Card, then that bitch isn’t worth a damn to begin with. Read more…