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God Is Imaginary So Take Your Goddamn Religion And Shove It Up Your Motherfucking Ass

God Is Imaginary So Take Your Goddamn Religion And Shove It Up Your Motherfucking Ass


Ok, so at 7:30 in the morning, two Mormon douchebags decided to ring my fucking doorbell and wake me the fuck up from a good night’s sleep just so they could bore me to death with their religious propaganda. According to them, God wants all of his children to be saved and this was his way of reaching his hand out to me and saving me from any and all sins I might have committed in my lifetime. Not only was it too fucking early to be coming to my house and ringing my doorbell like they didn’t have any goddamn sense, but I wasn’t trying to hear any of that religious bullshit. I fucking hate when people try to shove their religion down my throat. I get it all the damn time, from growing up with a Jesus obsessed mother, who used to beat my ass every time I did something Jesus would frown upon or people passing me flyers about my need to repent when I pass them in the street, I’ve done had my fill of Jesus Christ and his stupid ass father. I’m the type of person that the more you try to shove your agenda down my throat, the better the chances are of me rebelling against it just to spite you. Now, I’m not hating on people and their beliefs (as stupid as some of them are), but I just don’t fucking get the point of religion. Read more…