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Confessions Of An Internet Troll by (Insert Name Here)

Confessions Of An Internet Troll by (Insert Name Here)


[Editors Note: The last few days on this site have been a roller-coaster ride for those who have followed me from my not so humble beginnings on While it was fun having a blast from the past get a foot up his ass, it was a big letdown to find out that Alan was a made up creation. Here in this post is the person behind the Alan character, explaining everything that has gone down since the last time we saw him and the motivation for his deception; the commentator formally known as Hell Gator. While he denies being Craig Smith aka C-Raid aka The Raider Of The Lost Cocks, I’m 100% sure that they are indeed the same person. With that being said, Hell Gator/Alan has decided to come forward and clear the air on all the controversy surrounding his recent exposure. Here is his story…]

Well… I always had a feeling this day would come. Never like this though, but nonetheless I had a feeling this would happen. I know you have all executed me already, but I would like to take some of your time to explain myself. I promise to be completely honest with you and I will not hide or cover anything up. This is the whole and complete truth to what has been an interesting last 16 months to say the least. It won’t change anything that has happened or make anything right or even explain why I did the things I did, but maybe it will put this whole journey to peace at last. Read more…

WrestleMania 28 Match Preview: Team Johnny vs Team Teddy by Shaman’s Harvest

WrestleMania 28 Match Preview: Team Johnny vs Team Teddy by Shaman’s Harvest


Ok, so how has everyone been doing? I know I haven’t been around too much lately, but neither has any other writer on this site, and that’s basically because I’ve been bored with wrestling; especially Smackdown, to the point where I only watch it so I can tweet Booker T’s FAVE FIVE to all 840 of my adoring fans, but honestly, if I can be serious for a moment, this site has gone up in flames faster than the fucking Hindenburg, something has to be done before JCITY’s heart gives out or his liver fails from all the booze and Mass Effect 3. So I decided that it’s Wrestlemania season and it’s time to get some content back up. Hopefully JCITY will get in the Wrestlemania mood soon and come up with some Rock trashing columns. Read more…

A Random Ass Email Submission by JoeMan

A Random Ass Email Submission by JoeMan


Ok, its been awhile since I have written anything for This is a ramble article so if it doesn’t make any sense don’t blame me, blame the rain. I work more than full-time at a shitty customer service/sales job, so balancing writing for this site and trying to bring in income is tough, mostly because I need time to write. I don’t have time at home either, believe it or not I have 2 kids and a woman that for some reason or another married me. Read more…

The Keg Stand: My Top 10 Favorite WWE DVDs by Tony Kegger

The Keg Stand: My Top 10 Favorite WWE DVDs by Tony Kegger


[Editors Note: I’m not posting “THE REAL RAW SHYT” this week. My eye has been acting up for a couple days now, so I won’t be posting much of anything in the next couple of days. If you’re looking for an unorthodox view on Monday Night RAW then check out His wrestling reviews are funny as fuck so if you like the craziness of “THE REAL RAW SHYT” mixed with the self loathing of The Blue Ball’d Meanie, then you will more than likely like his reviews. I guaran-damn-tee it. Plus my epic “Is Alex Riley A Massive Homosexual” post is on the main page so there’s that. I’ve only found the site a few months ago, but I’ve found some great stuff on there by digging through the archives. I usually don’t recommend many sites, but you should really check it out. Anyways, shoutout to Tony Kegger for this post. To read more of Kegger’s work checkout WrestlingPipeBombs, the only wrestling blog approved by the dead spirit of Osama Bin Laden.]

I own many WWE DVDs. I don’t own as much as a collector would,  but I think I have more than the average WWE fan. The WWE makes good DVDs and unfortunately, they aren’t shown on TV. If you want to see the new “Stone Cold” documentary, you have to pay to see it. Maybe the WWE Network will air some of the many WWE documentaries, but until then, you have to either buy the DVD or rent it using Netflix or your cable’s On-Demand service. I could rent WWE DVDs, but I usually find the DVDs for so cheap, that it’s usually cheaper to just buy the DVD. I recently brought The Ladder Match DVD and the shipping and handling cost almost the same as what I paid for the actual DVD. I have so many WWE DVDs that I decided to create a list of my Top 10 favorite DVDs. Read more…

3 Things I Hate About Wrestling by Ray The Rambler

3 Things I Hate About Wrestling by Ray The Rambler
How are you doing? Why didn’t you ask how I was doing? Well, I’m doing great. I had a lovely break offline from the INFAMOUS (pun intended) Internet Wrestling Community, meaning no Twitter, WR, forums or any other wrestling related sites. I’m back now and this is exclusively for These are 3 things I hate about wrestling.

Why The Miz Deserves More by JoeMan

Why The Miz Deserves More by JoeMan


I’m a huge fan of The Miz. However, it seems like most older/retired Pro Wrestlers are not as big of a fan of his. He has been called soft, not a legit tough guy, yadda yadda yadda. Guess what though, it doesn’t matter what you think of him. He has transcended a Reality Show on his way to becoming a main eventer in the WWE and that is no easy feat.

Here is where most of the disconnect comes from. He started his livelihood as a Reality TV personality on The Real World and the spinoff Real World/Road Rules challenges. Lots of people have an issue with this apparently. First off, if you were to judge every wrestler where they came from, some of your all-time favorites would not be looked at in the same light. Alot of the wrestlers you have seen throughout the years have used Pro Wrestling as a fall back. Whether it was because their football, basketball, or bodybuilding career did not pan out the way they planned it or they just used wrestling as a stepping stone to acting in movies, most wrestlers only look at wresting as a job. Not The Miz. His love for wrestling is legit. Not everyone you see in the ring actually cares about the business as much as you, I, or The Miz does. It’s just a platform for them. Just a way to make some money. Read more…

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 2012 by Jack Jorgenson

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 2012 by Jack Jorgenson


The recent announcement of the Four Horsemen induction into the WWE Hall of Fame has had my mind going in circles the last few days. Can a faction like that exist in 2012? And recently it dawned on me, yes it can and there’s four guys working for the company right now that can make this work, and one of them I believe isn’t even on the main roster yet, but would benefit huge from his involvement in this idea. Now, try to think outside the box with me on this and also don’t compare the guys to old Horsemen members. What I’m talking about here are four guys who steal the show every night and wreak havoc on the WWE “Universe” (God I hate that term) every possible chance they get. First I’ll reveal the four members of the group, then I will explain my thought process. They are:

1. Chris Jericho
2. The Miz
3. Wade Barrett
4. Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) Read more…