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Why The Invasion Angle Worked by TKO

In this column I will discuss the 2001 WWF vs WCW Invasion angle from a fans perspective. It was an exciting time in the World Wrestling Federation (not yet WWE) and it was fresh off of the best Wrestlemania ever, where some interesting angles that would later become the Invasion kicked off. People often would say that they would want to forget this era in wrestling history, but I enjoyed a lot of it for various reasons. You can say I wasn’t a smart fan at the time because I never thought about the other side of the business, so these are the thoughts of a casual fan. This is not about the obvious bad parts of the Invasion angle, this is about the good things that I got out of the Invasion as a fan. This is not about X-pac matches, Kronic, Lance Storm or the fact that the lack of WCW star power was so obvious it makes you want to vomit. Let’s take a trip back to the summer of 2001. A time when Triple H tore his quad and when we WANTED to see Chris Benoit, but all we got was Booker T. Booker T, the man who basically started the Invasion and then was treated like The Rock’s less fortunate twin brother who was left in the attic. A time when we should have seen Goldberg vs. Stone Cold. Ok, let me not get into what could and should have happened, this is about the good parts, walk with me. Read more…