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Real Talk: I Have The Balls To Say The Things Nobody Else Will Say

Real Talk: I Have The Balls To Say The Things Nobody Else Will Say


[Editors Note: The views expressed in this article are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the thoughts of any other writer in THE INFAMOUS CREW™. Keep in mind that this is not a diss of any kind as I have only stated undisputable facts that the IWC sheeple refuse to acknowledge. That is all.]

“I have the balls to say the things nobody else will say” – CM Punk

When I first started writing about wrestling, I did so by setting myself apart from every other cookie cutter writer out there in the IWC. Instead of following a safe and proven formula or creating controversy just to generate a few website hits, I decided that the best course of action was to speak straight from the heart and say the things everybody was too scared to say. When I look at other sites in the IWC, I see nothing but generic views, from featured writers, to guys posting their thoughts on forums, Twitter, doesn’t matter the place, the result is always the same, they all lack testicular fortitude. What is testicular fortitude? Is it appeasing to the masses to be socially accepted? No. That’s what I would refer to as not being true to yourself. Is it playing both sides of the fence by writing something controversial to generate hits and comments, just to end up apologizing for “your” thoughts in the same column? No, and I quoted “your” because if you write something to intentionally rile people up, then it didn’t come from the heart, it was manufactured. Ever since I started this site I have ripped the balls out of my nutsack and threw them in the proverbial river where they got carried away by the waves, never to be seen again. Like a mindless zombie, I started falling into the same writing patterns as everybody else. I lost a few fans as a result, but gained a few more since I became more “accessible”. I became the equivalent of silicone titties, fake as fuck, the legacy I build on THEREALSHYT.COM fading away with each and every post. No longer was I going against the grain and since I fell into the normality that the people who read the wrestling sites were accustomed to, they started gravitating to me. Some have actually told me that I am NOW good enough to rival some of the “best” writers the IWC has to offer. Read more…