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The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 2012 by Jack Jorgenson

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 2012 by Jack Jorgenson


The recent announcement of the Four Horsemen induction into the WWE Hall of Fame has had my mind going in circles the last few days. Can a faction like that exist in 2012? And recently it dawned on me, yes it can and there’s four guys working for the company right now that can make this work, and one of them I believe isn’t even on the main roster yet, but would benefit huge from his involvement in this idea. Now, try to think outside the box with me on this and also don’t compare the guys to old Horsemen members. What I’m talking about here are four guys who steal the show every night and wreak havoc on the WWE “Universe” (God I hate that term) every possible chance they get. First I’ll reveal the four members of the group, then I will explain my thought process. They are:

1. Chris Jericho
2. The Miz
3. Wade Barrett
4. Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) Read more…

The Man With The “Impact” by Jack Jorgenson

The Man With The “Impact” by Jack Jorgenson 


On June 27, 2011 CM Punk sat Indian style atop the ramp at the end of Raw and delivered what would be remembered as the best mic work since the now infamous Austin 3:16 shoot. Punk shot on anyone and everyone he could without holding any punches until his mic was abruptly cut and he was forced to cease on his tirade. For true wrestling fans it was a moment we’ll never forget. Much was said in that promo, but there was one line in there that resonated with me the most and that phrase was “Yeah, that’s right, I’m a Paul Heyman guy”! And Punk is. When Punk was finally called up to the main roster, Heyman was more or less Phil Brooks’ only supporter. He saw the burning desire in Punk to become what he did in 2011, and that’s the best wrestler on the planet and the new face of the WWE. This to me was further proof that Paul Heyman can still make a huge impact in this industry, especially with the wealth of young talent in the wrestling world today but Heyman’s impact (pun HIGHLY intended) should be felt not in Stamford Connecticut, but in Orlando Florida. That’s right folks I’m bringing up the issue of Impact Wrestling eventually becoming viable and a possible threat to the evil empire that is World Wrestling Entertainment. Read more…