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A Random Ass Email Submission by JoeMan

A Random Ass Email Submission by JoeMan


Ok, its been awhile since I have written anything for This is a ramble article so if it doesn’t make any sense don’t blame me, blame the rain. I work more than full-time at a shitty customer service/sales job, so balancing writing for this site and trying to bring in income is tough, mostly because I need time to write. I don’t have time at home either, believe it or not I have 2 kids and a woman that for some reason or another married me. Read more…

Why The Miz Deserves More by JoeMan

Why The Miz Deserves More by JoeMan


I’m a huge fan of The Miz. However, it seems like most older/retired Pro Wrestlers are not as big of a fan of his. He has been called soft, not a legit tough guy, yadda yadda yadda. Guess what though, it doesn’t matter what you think of him. He has transcended a Reality Show on his way to becoming a main eventer in the WWE and that is no easy feat.

Here is where most of the disconnect comes from. He started his livelihood as a Reality TV personality on The Real World and the spinoff Real World/Road Rules challenges. Lots of people have an issue with this apparently. First off, if you were to judge every wrestler where they came from, some of your all-time favorites would not be looked at in the same light. Alot of the wrestlers you have seen throughout the years have used Pro Wrestling as a fall back. Whether it was because their football, basketball, or bodybuilding career did not pan out the way they planned it or they just used wrestling as a stepping stone to acting in movies, most wrestlers only look at wresting as a job. Not The Miz. His love for wrestling is legit. Not everyone you see in the ring actually cares about the business as much as you, I, or The Miz does. It’s just a platform for them. Just a way to make some money. Read more…

The State Of The Tag Team Division by JoeMan

The State Of The Tag Team Division by JoeMan


Remember when the Tag Team Division had a deep roster full of teams and was fun to watch? How about when it was more than just combining two random guys to make a super team because they had no storylines for said individuals? Well, it looks like World Wrestling Entertainment is trying to rebuild a division that has been broken longer than “fake writers” on this site were given birth to. As of right now there are only a few “Tag Teams” in the WWE. I will no longer count Air Boom because Evan Bourne gets suspended far too often. If I was management, I would let him go. I assume they will do that as soon as his suspension is up and then he can go fight for the X-Division title at Impact Wrestling in 90 days.

So, I hate doing articles in a “List” format. With that being said I’m going to run down a few teams and other ways the WWE can improve their Tag Team Division in a “List’ish” format. Not a list, but list’ish. Get it? Good. Let’s get to it.  Read more…

When Vince McMahon Dies by JoeMan

When Vince McMahon Dies by JoeMan


Wrestling as a whole owes a lot to Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He changed the way the world watched Pro Wrestling. He has his faults and is apparently really hard to work for and he’s also 66 years old. That is not a humorously old age or anything, but it’s just old enough to ask the question; “What happens to the WWE when he dies?”

The short answer is… a bunch of stuff. I will try to be a little more detailed than that here, at the same time trying to leave the immediate financial impact it has on the company out of it. After the mourning period of his death the first thing that would need to be addressed is who would be his successor? Many assume at this point it will be his son-in-law Triple H. So if we can all agree on this, the next question is; What kind of leader of the company would he be? & Would he actually own the company? Read more…

10 Wrestling Talents Wasted By Management by JoeMan

10 Wrestling Talents Wasted By Management by JoeMan


Before I go on with this list, I just want to point out that it’s not a “Wrestler” exclusive list. It’s wrestling talents. It should be more accurately titled as “Ten Wasted Wrestling Talents of The Recent Past”, but that’s a horrible header. Let’s get right to it… Read more…