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THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Exclusive: 6 Questions With John Canton

THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Exclusive: 6 Questions With John Canton

Questions Asked by THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Answers Provided by John Canton

John Canton has been my absolute favorite writer in the IWC ever since I found his Monday Night Raw review “The Raw Deal” on He has since transcended that site and has started his own blog over at, which I’ve read religiously for over two years now. The site is updated daily and features quality reviews, often hilarious headlines, and many original columns. TJR also features one of the best wrestling communities going on in its comment section. If it wasn’t for the top-notch writing provided by John on and the interaction I’ve had with wrestling fans all around the world in the TJR comment section, this site would probably never exist. I wasn’t known to be much of a writer in the past, but the passion John displays in his work is something I could relate to because I too have loved wrestling for as long as I can remember, so I thought it would be therapeutic for me to give my opinions on the product by writing about it too.

I can honestly say that John inspired my blogging adventures and he made me step up the quality of my writing. While we have two completely different writing styles, the quality he put into his work definitely let me know that if I was going to pursue my wrestling coverage I either had to go hard or go home. With that being said, it was an honor to be able to interview John Canton. I’ve been somewhat of a controversial commentator on his site, and blogger in general, so he could have easily said fuck to the no to this, but he gave me the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Some of you might not see this the way I do, but it’s a big fucking deal to me. This is the equivalent of a rookie year Kobe Bryant interviewing a Chicago Bulls era Michael Jordan. This is Mayweather having a one on one sit down with Muhammad Ali in his prime. This is a young Randy Orton getting a chance to soak up wrestling knowledge from Ric Flair and Triple H in Evolution. This is… I think you get the point. Interview after the jump.  Read more…