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Caption This Shyt: John Cena Is A Fruit…y Pebble

Caption This Shyt: John Cena Is A Fruit…y Pebble


Ok, now I’m fucking convinced that the WWE is fucking with us for the hell of it. Not only are they now selling anti-Cena merchendise, but now if you buy a box of Fruity Pebbles Cereal, you can win the chance to meet John Cena in person. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m loving the fact that the WWE is no longer shying away from all the John Cena hate and are starting to embrace it. Putting John Cena on a box of Fruity motherfucking Pebbles is fucking GENIUS!!! If the WWE continues doing shit like this then they might end up killing a good percentage of the John Cena hate by turning everyones Cena hating ammunition against them. After the jump is the back of the cereal box. Shoutout to Capt. Smooth for putting me on this.  Read more…

Cena Sucks: Bad Idea Or Great Marketing Scheme?

Cena Sucks: Bad Idea Or Great Marketing Scheme?


In a move that might surprise some John Cena fans, WWE are now selling anti-Cena merchandise. The T-shirt pictured above sarcastically asks “Let’s go Cena?” in small writing with an all-caps and extremely larger written proclamation that reads “CENA SUCKS” right under it. The back of the shirt reads “WE SEE (as illustrated by Cena’s crossed out “You Can’t See Me” logo) U”. Personally, I think that this is a great marketing scheme. No matter how you feel about John Cena as a wrestler, there is now an official WWE shirt to express your opinion on the man. Read more…

THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: The Fairy Is At It Again

THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: The Fairy Is At It Again 


It looks like The Fairy Rock is talking his bullshit again. You see, at a recent show in Australia, John Cena insinuated what the whole WWE Universe should know by now, that The Rock is a goddamn liar and you shouldn’t take anything he says serious because the man clearly talks out of his steroid infused anus. So yea, The Rock gets wind of John Cena’s “BITCH ASS” rant and basically cuts a promo on Cena and damn it was good. Doesn’t change the fact that this motherfucker is a goddamn liar, but The Rock still has the “IT” factor that makes him, or made him, one of the ALL TIME GREATS. Before I break this down, break this down down, let’s digest The Rock’s John Cena diss video and see what kinda analysis ends up in the proverbial crapper. Digesting… digesting… serious gas out my ass and BOOM here we go.

*Click Here For Fart Noises*

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Cena Sucks: The History Of John Cena And Chicago by Tony Kegger

Cena Sucks: The History Of John Cena And Chicago by Tony Kegger


On July 17, 2011, John Cena will defend his WWE Championship against CM Punk at the WWE Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View event. The PPV will take place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago which is CM Punk’s home city.  As you can imagine, CM Punk is expected to receive many cheers from the crowd despite being a heel. John Cena is expected to receive a lot of boos from the Chicago crowd, but not just because he is CM Punk’s opponent. Chicago has been booing Cena for the last several years and the boos could reach an all-time high on July 17th with the hometown hero CM Punk as Cena’s opponent. Cena has made several appearances in Chicago during his WWE career and this article will focus on some of those appearances. If you saw the last Monday Night RAW before WrestleMania 27 that took place in Chicago on March 28 of this year, then you know that the fans in Chicago are hostile towards John Cena. However, as you will see in this article, there have been many other times when several members of the Chicago crowd made it clear that they do not like John Cena.

I need to mention something before I start going through the history of John Cena in Chicago. This article will include several videos that will help illustrate my point about how the Chicago crowd feels about John Cena. I will try describing how much Cena is disliked in Chicago, but watching the videos should help you understand better that Chicago doesn’t like Cena.  The videos should appear in the article. If for some reason any of the videos aren’t appearing or will not play, I will have the link somewhere in the paragraph. If I am referring to an event and you see that some of the text is linked then there’s a good chance the link will direct you to the video. Okay, I hope that all makes sense and please enjoy the article. Read more…

Caption This Shyt: R-Truth Wants His Son Back!!!

Have you seen R-Truth’s son? He would sure like him back. The last time R-Truth saw his son, he dropped him off at Little Jimmy’s house. When he went to pick Little Ronnie up from his friends house, he was nowhere to be found. R-Truth asked Little Jimmy about the whereabouts of his son, but Little Jimmy seemed more interested in playing with his John Cena action figures. Truth has since developed a hatred for all things John Cena and Little Jimmy and everyone is about to get GOT until Little Ronnie makes his way back to his dad, and THAT’S THE TRUTH!!!!!


I was really looking forward to posting Ultimate Warrior’s 55 minute Hulk Hogan diss video that he promised would drop yesterday, but I guess he pussied out. WHAT YOU GONNA DO BROTHER, WHEN HULK HOGAN THREATENS A LAWSUIT AGAINST YOU?!? If your the Warrior I guess you tuck your tail between your legs and hide. Whatever, fuck these washed up old geezers. Anyways, I will be back later on tonight with my WWE Capitol Punishment preview. I will try my best not to pull a Warrior and actually have it up. If not tonight then tomorrow morning before I head out to the Bruins Championship Parade. It sure does feel good to be a Boston sports fan in the 2000’s 🙂

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#NowPlaying – TKO “We See You” (John Cena Diss) *Bonus* JCITYHUSTLA617 “Internet Haters” (ThisIs50Edition)

As a big fan of wrestling and a major hiphop head I have to go on record and say that this might be the greatest thing I have ever heard. I love battle raps, but I have never heard a battle rap about wrestling, well there was the R-truth Cena diss, but this is way better than that shit so it doesn’t count. And no I haven’t heard the “Macho Man” Randy Savage “Be A Man” album which I read contains some subliminal disses aimed at Hulk Hogan. I should really start an INFAMOUS CREW™ record label soon because TKO is poised to blow the fuck up. Somebody sign this man already. Oh yea, since I’m feeling the rap hostility in the air I have decided to post up my “Internet Haters” song I did a while back dissing everyone hating on me on It doesn’t sound as crisp as TKO’s shit, but that’s because I recorded it using a digital cam microphone. This was recorded in 2009 so excuse me for all the excessive swearing, I was in a much darker place back then, don’t judge me.

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How I Would Book It- John Cena’s Heel Turn by Tony Kegger

[Editors Note: This is the third installment of “How I Would Book It” written by Tony Kegger. Tony, like myself and Kieran, also entered the TJR Writers Search and didn’t make the final cut, but fret not, because even in defeat, we persevere and get bigger. We will not be denied. Our voices will be heard the world over.  Tony Kegger has already booked the WWE Extreme Rules PPV and the WWE Draft and if I can say so myself, he does so very eloquently. For the previous editions of “How I Would Book It” you can click here.  I’m starting to feel like Michael Buffer doing these damn introductions so it’s time for me to GTFO and shine that spotlight on Tony Kegger. Enjoy.]

Welcome to another addition of How I Would Book It. This time I am focusing on a very controversial topic…..John Cena.  Cena is considered THE top superstar in the WWE. He blows the roof off of nearly every building he performs in, but he is not loved by all. His character could use a little bit of a change and the best way to change a good guy’s character is to turn him into a heel. Here is how I would book John Cena’s heel turn.

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