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It’s More Than Just Clotheslines: Why No One Will Make It In The WWE On Talent Alone by Kieran

[Editors Note: The Infamous Kieran comes through and blesses the spot with a unique look at the professional wrestling business we are all so fond of. Usually I would post up pics and stuff, but this is all business right here so I decided to let Kieran’s words speak for themselves. You should already know how this works by now, grab your dictionaries, sit back and relax as Kieran takes a look behind the glitz and glamor of life in the WWE and why the things that happen on-screen are the results of what happens behind the curtain. Kieran, take it away…..]

One of the most common viewpoints you’ll be exposed to when you read regularly about wrestling online is that the wrong guys are always getting the wins they haven’t earned, the TV time they don’t deserve, the pushes they haven’t the talent to justify or the belts that should be somebody else’s. When these injustices are examined and analysed all nature of factors are cited in support of these arguments. Performers are constantly judged on their in-ring talents, their look, their promo skills and their charisma. Their levels of experience and consistency, their injury proneness and their ability to connect with the fans will be reviewed as well their perceived connections with the movers and shakers within the industry. What is regularly omitted from the often exhaustive examinations of the wrestling business we read, however, is that in some ways it is a workplace like any other and the same principles which apply to places of employment across the world will still have an impact even in as unique an industry as sports entertainment. Read more…

The Hunt For Heavyweight Gold – Who Will Be Number 50? by Kieran

In all the uproar over Christian’s premature World Heavyweight Title defeat, it seems to have escaped notice that when he climbed that ladder at Extreme Rules he became the forty-ninth individual to lift World status championship gold in the WWE.  As The Miz’s new baseball jersey says forty men have won the WWE Championship; in addition to this, another nine have lifted the World Heavyweight Championship, and a select few have worn both.  The ever mounting pressure on the WWE to develop new main event stars combined with the current booking trend towards regular title changes would suggest that this number will likely increase before the year is out.  So, who will be number fifty?  There are a number of contenders for this honor spread across both the Raw and Smackdown rosters. Some are more likely candidates than others, but each has a chance, however slender it may be.

The now defunct ECW Championship (2006 incarnation, created under the auspices of the WWE) cannot, in my opinion, be considered a true world championship, being little more than a tertiary belt.  This means that I do not consider anyone who held this title to be a former World Champion.  It is also worth noting that, forgettable as their reigns may be, individuals like Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler are both former World Champions and not eligible for inclusion in this article.

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Christian’s Title Defeat – Tragedy …… Or Opportunity? by Kieran

Well, you can almost smell the outrage as thousands of keyboard warriors direct their bile at Vince McMahon and the WWE for making the unforgivable decision to have Christian drop his freshly won World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton on Smackdown.  I’ve seen some hugely dramatic reactions to a decision that was probably made almost as soon as the draft was finalized, including statements like “I’m never watching WWE again” and “How could Vince do this to Christian?” There was no doubt that the Internet Wrestling Community would be up in arms at the dawning of new title reigns for both of their favorite whipping boys, John Cena and Randy Orton, in the same week, but the scale of the vitriol has surprised even me.

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A Rattlesnake Is Not A Viper: Why Randy Orton Deserves Better Than To Be Marketed as Stone Cold 2.0 by Kieran

[Editors Note: This post is written by Kieran. A gem in the rough that was also overlooked in the TJR Writers Search. We connected by networking in the comment section of this very site and the rest is history. We might have lost there, but we are destined to win big here. Kieran also has his own blog set up here so make sure to stop by and check out some of his other material. This is reading at a high level so grab your dictionaries if you must, kick back and relax as I turn the spotlight over to Kieran. Enjoy.]

Randy Orton, the Viper, multiple time World Champion, heavily pushed main eventer.  He gets the exposure, he gets the wins and he gets the ….. shaft?!  Yes, it may seem slightly contrary to argue that Orton is being mishandled by the WWE, but every time I see him on television all I can think about is squandered opportunity.

Think back to the spring of 2010, Orton was just emerging from a lengthy, eminently successful run as a heel.  He had lifted the world title multiple times and firmly established himself as a top-tier WWE talent.  His first lengthy Championship reign, running from No Mercy 2007 to Backlash 2008, built around him putting John Cena on the shelf, had given him that final nudge to elevate him from perennial nearly man into a true major player on the WWE stage.  This rehabilitation had been necessary due to the abysmal failure of his inaugural title reign back in 2004 when he had beaten Chris Benoit for the strap at Summerslam and prematurely been turned face.  The crowd had simply not taken to him, and he found himself shunted down the card, his momentum stalling as his former Evolution stable mate Batista received the monster push that had originally been earmarked for him.  His alleged poor backstage attitude had combined with the fallout from this initial “failed” main event run and left him in upper mid card exile for a time, a step away from glory, the prize tantalizingly dangled just outside of his reach.

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