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#NSFW: Random Nonsense ~ The Weekend Of 2/10 – 2/12 *LIVE*

#NSFW: Random Nonsense ~ The Weekend Of 2/10 – 2/12 *LIVE* 


[Editors Note: This post is officially one for the history books. I talked about the first time I smoked weed, my issues with insomnia, delivered a full length WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review, exposed Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” as a faggot, shitted on the death of Whitney Houston, dissed a bunch of popular acts in the Music Industry, responded to some fan mail and hailed Hitler. To say this post was controversial would be an understatement, so if you haven’t checked it out, what the fuck are you waiting for?]

Welcome to “Random Nonsense”, a new experimental blog where I will write LIVE about whatever the fuck I want to write about, ALL WEEKEND LONG. I have not giving any thought to what I will end up posting here, but hey, at least I had the courtesy of labeling this post NSFW, just in case I decided to randomly shave my balls and post a picture online so the whole world can check out my crazy manscaping skills. Like I said before, I will be updating this blog ALL WEEKEND LONG so make sure to check back often. This is either going to be a massive success or a failure of epic proportions. Fuck it though, here goes nothing… Read more…