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That’s What She Said! by Meek3rz (The Wife) and THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ (The Husband)

[Editors Note: Yo, THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ here chilling with my boo just talking bout wrestling and shit, bout to so smash after this just write some shit with my wife. Ain’t no gimmicks over here, this is “That’s What She Said!”, some new JCITY™ shit featuring Meek3rz.  Sorry for swearing so much, but after posting my list on my favorite heels I feel like being a little damn bad my damn self. For the record, this is not a traditional column. This is a real life conversation with my wife about wrestling and will flow as such, so if thoughts seem to be all over the place then so fucking be it. Anyways, I’m so sick and tired of “That’s what she said!” jokes from people that never even had a SHE to say anything to begin with. Real talk. That shit runs rampant on Twitter and when I do happen to hear it in every day context, it’s usually from some nerd. No diss to nerds because when I was popular in school I would still befriend the nerds and never really picked on them, but if I knew then what I know now, I might have robbed them for milk money and stuffed them into lockers. Please pardon my heel like tendencies, I really do try to keep it under control, but the ladies love it. Yes. “That’s what she said”. A Brilliant concept for me to expose and make my own. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Hahaha, my thoughts will be bolded, Meek3rz will be in plain text. “That’s what she said!” Really, just now, I swear on it. Yo baby, kick that shit….]

Hello everybody my name is MEekrz, I am the wife of JCITYHUSTLA617/THEINFAMOUSJCITY™, mother of Niggy The Kitty and just plain ol me. If it was up to me this post would be all about cute and cuddly kitties, lol.

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