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My Book Of Rhymes: Chapter One: JCITY Is Dead

My Book Of Rhymes: Chapter One: JCITY Is Dead 


Before I started writing on the Internet, I used to write rhymes every chance I could get. I’m no rapper or anything, but if a freestyle cypher popped up around my way, I wanted in. Sometimes my rhymes were so hot that I felt the need to use my phone to record what I was saying just so I could go home and write it all down for future reference. Nothing ever came out of those rhymes… until now. I was cleaning out my closet earlier today and I stumbled upon some old raps I had written a few years back and thought to myself; fuck it, I might as well archive my little rhymes on my site. I might have used one or two of these raps just fucking around on YouTube in the past, but for the most part, these rhymes are fresh to def son. Now, to all you wannabe rappers out there that just happen to stumble upon this and want to steal my shit, I have bad news for you, most of my rhymes are copyrighted, so if I ever hear anybody spitting my shit, I will be suing your fucking asses. Anyways, Chapter One in My Book Of Rhymes is a song called “JCITY Is Dead”. When I wrote this shit I wasn’t suicidal or anything like that, I just let the beat dictate my flow so ch-ch-check it out yo… Read more…