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Primo And Epico Win The WWE Tag Team Championships At A Live Show In Oakland California On 1/15/12

It’s rare for a championship to change hands at a live event, but that is exactly what happened this weekend as Primo and Epico beat Air Boom for the WWE Tag Team Championships. It has been reported that Evan Bourne has heat on him for speaking out on the way WWE conducts business and his tweets about his and R-Truth’s usage of synthetic marijuana. I knew it was only a matter of time before Bourne would be punished by dropping the tag title, but I thought that he would have lost it in embarrassing fashion on WWE television or a PPV event, not a live house show. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Bourne gets future endeavoured soon. It’s just too bad that Kofi Kingston is also being de-pushed because of his association with Bourne. Anyways, after winning the titles Primo and Epico’s manager Rosa Mendez tweeted:

“Guess who the new tag team Champions are!!??WE ARE!!! WE BEAT AIRBOOM in Oakland!! I will remember this day forever!”

Congrats to the new WWE Tag Team Champions, I’m sure we will get to see them brag about this win tonight on RAW. After the jump, I’ve included two videos of Primo and Epico celebrating their championship win. Viva Puerto Rico!!! Read more…

Say Hello To The Bad Guys, Because Sometimes It’s Just More Fun To Be Bad

[Editors Note: I had originally wrote this for, but I felt that it didn’t get the views it deserved or sparked the debated I would have wished for it to spark. This is one of the few wrestling post on that site that I really enjoyed putting together and felt that it should have gotten more recognition. The ALL CAPS on the other site wasn’t doing me any favors so I rewrote the whole thing for this site and tweaked a few things here and there to make it more recent. The main reason I decided to repost this though is because I always wanted to start working on a part 2, but on the other site it would have just fell on deaf ears, or blind eyes depending on how you look at things. I originally wrote this in October 2010 and I feel that my writing has stepped up since then so it would be interesting to see the difference between this and its sequel. There are about 6 or 7 other things I will repost on this site so don’t worry about me just doing nothing but recycling older material, and everything I do end up reposting will have some sort of continuance on this site. If you haven’t read this before then I hope you enjoy it and if you have read this before then I can only hope you will have a new appreciation for the type of work I was putting in on the other site which usually flew under the radar.]

There comes a time in a wrestler’s career when being loved and adored by millions of fans just isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to turn your back on the fans and spit in the face of authority to really get noticed. This post will showcase some of my all time favorite heels [Heel: wrestling terminology used to describe the bad guys]. Growing up I always prefered the heels and cheered them over the faces [Face: wrestling terminology used to describe the good guys]. I don’t know why, but I did. I fondly remember watching wrestling with my dad when I was little and he would always cheer the good guys and I would always cheer the bad guys. Good times. Over time nothing has really changed as I still prefer the heels over the faces and these are some of my favorites. Enjoy.

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