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Ana’s Random Opinions by Ana_ZackPack

Ana’s Random Opinions by Ana_ZackPack


Hello people, I have decided to write another “Ana’s Random Opinions”. If you notice the title, I excluded the word Wrestling, because while I will talk about the wrestling business, I will also talk about other things that interest me. Some of the things I will discuss are more serious than others, so this article is way different from my last one. Before I comment on the non-wrestling related stuff, I will start with the wrestling topics, since this is after all, a wrestling website. Read more…

JCITY’s Random Smackdown Thoughts 6/24/11

JCITY’s Random Smackdown Thoughts 6/24/11


The last time I wrote about Smackdown, I did so using a random thoughts format. At the time, I was reviewing 2-3 wrestling shows a week and felt that every review should have their own style because reading the same type of review, from the same person, multiple times a week, can get old fast. So yea, this is the first time I write about Smackdown on this site so I wanted to make this different from my Monday Night RAW and Impact Wrestling reviews. For the record, this is not a Smackdown review, I repeat, this is not a Smackdown review. What I will do here is write about anything that comes to my head while watching Smackdown. Sometimes I will talk about a match, other times I will talk about commercials, shit, if I take a shit in the middle of watching Smackdown I might just write about that too. This is some totally random shit inspired by the episode of Smackdown that aired on 6/24/11. Let me know if you like this style or if I should use a more traditional review style.

This is a random smiley butt fucking a sheep. Let’s go. Read more…

Random Thoughts On WWE by The Modern Native

Random Thoughts on WWE by The Modern Native


Guys, I’m going to try something. I’m going to try and do a random thoughts post every week. I’m going to alternate between the two major companies, so one week it’ll be TNA, the next it’ll be WWE. Hopefully, it won’t get boring that way, and I’ll get to share my thoughts on both companies. Now, to be fair, I only watch Raw, and very rarely catch SmackDown. I w atch Impact every single week, but occasionally I’ll miss a Raw. Every week that I do a WWE piece, I’ll be sure to definitely catch Raw, and I’ll try to at least catch the highlights of SmackDown. Much like the TNA side of this coin, I’ll try to only focus on the positives each company is doing and stray away from the negatives. Now, onto the meat and potatoes of this column… Read more…