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Randy Orton: How My View Of Him Has Changed by Ana_ZackPack

Randy Orton: How My View Of Him Has Changed by Ana_ZackPack


Hello there, little community of this Infamous blog. It’s been awhile since the last time I sent in an article because I’ve been really busy with college. A lot of things have happened since my last piece and when thinking about what I wanted to write about, I seriously had to restrain myself from writing another piece on CM Punk because I don’t want my writing to always be about the same subject. So, I decided to write about another wrestler. A wrestler that used to be my favorite (along with He-Who-WWE-Doesn’t-Name-Anymore) until lately. That wrestler is Randy Orton.

A Rattlesnake Is Not A Viper: Why Randy Orton Deserves Better Than To Be Marketed as Stone Cold 2.0 by Kieran

[Editors Note: This post is written by Kieran. A gem in the rough that was also overlooked in the TJR Writers Search. We connected by networking in the comment section of this very site and the rest is history. We might have lost there, but we are destined to win big here. Kieran also has his own blog set up here so make sure to stop by and check out some of his other material. This is reading at a high level so grab your dictionaries if you must, kick back and relax as I turn the spotlight over to Kieran. Enjoy.]

Randy Orton, the Viper, multiple time World Champion, heavily pushed main eventer.  He gets the exposure, he gets the wins and he gets the ….. shaft?!  Yes, it may seem slightly contrary to argue that Orton is being mishandled by the WWE, but every time I see him on television all I can think about is squandered opportunity.

Think back to the spring of 2010, Orton was just emerging from a lengthy, eminently successful run as a heel.  He had lifted the world title multiple times and firmly established himself as a top-tier WWE talent.  His first lengthy Championship reign, running from No Mercy 2007 to Backlash 2008, built around him putting John Cena on the shelf, had given him that final nudge to elevate him from perennial nearly man into a true major player on the WWE stage.  This rehabilitation had been necessary due to the abysmal failure of his inaugural title reign back in 2004 when he had beaten Chris Benoit for the strap at Summerslam and prematurely been turned face.  The crowd had simply not taken to him, and he found himself shunted down the card, his momentum stalling as his former Evolution stable mate Batista received the monster push that had originally been earmarked for him.  His alleged poor backstage attitude had combined with the fallout from this initial “failed” main event run and left him in upper mid card exile for a time, a step away from glory, the prize tantalizingly dangled just outside of his reach.

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