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Fuck You WWE… Just… FUCK YOU!!!

Fuck You WWE… Just… FUCK YOU!!!


It all started the Friday before the Elimination Chamber PPV. It was announced that Randy Orton suffered a concussion at the hands of the greatest wrestler to grace the Smackdown roster this decade, Daniel Bryan, and had to relinquish his spot in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship. A 20 Man Battle Royal ensued and to my dismay, Santino Marella emerged victorious and earned himself a chance to win a major championship in the WWE on The Road To WrestleMania. To say I was shocked, disgusted and disappointed would be an understatement. Before that episode of Smackdown aired I had an Elimination Chamber Preview all set up to be published. I wanted to watch Smackdown though so I could formula an opinion on its Chamber Match, but as soon as Santino won, I scrapped the preview completely. WWE had let me down. Read more…

A Random Ass Email Submission by JoeMan

A Random Ass Email Submission by JoeMan


Ok, its been awhile since I have written anything for This is a ramble article so if it doesn’t make any sense don’t blame me, blame the rain. I work more than full-time at a shitty customer service/sales job, so balancing writing for this site and trying to bring in income is tough, mostly because I need time to write. I don’t have time at home either, believe it or not I have 2 kids and a woman that for some reason or another married me. Read more…

Fuck PG: WWE Censorship Protecting You From Reality

Fuck PG: WWE Censorship Protecting You From Reality


I’m officially sick and tired of WWE’s PG programming. It’s come to the point where I question why I’m even a WWE fan anymore since they don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the 18-34 demographic I represent. Sure, every once in a while there will be a glimmer of hope, a throwback to the glory days of wrestling that made me a fan to begin with, but that never last as long as I would like it to. WWE’s PG rating has forced me to get my wrestling fix by watching Impact Wrestling. While WWE has a better production value and more coherent storylines, Impact Wrestling feeds my need for chaos and sexy slutty bitches. WWE used to have that market on lock, but they changed. For the worse if you ask me. The comedy segments suck, the promos lack the RAW emotion of yesteryear, the matches feel a bit too choreographed and the appeal of professional wrestling is almost non-existent when it comes to mainstream pop culture. Ratings are only a fraction of what they used to be and numbers dictate that WWE has lost more fans than it has gained in the last 5 years. So how did it get to this? My hypothesis comes down to one abbreviation, PG. The WWE has taken their lifetime fans for granted and left them behind just so they can make a few marketing dollars by catering to the under 15 demographic and that just pisses me the fuck off.

I grew up on wrestling since the late 80’s, early 90’s, when the WWE was known as the WWF. While they were PG’ish back then, the storylines were more creative than they are now and the larger than life characters were able to draw viewers in regardless of age. Once the older fans started to grow out of wrestling, wrestling grew up right along with them by ditching the gimmicks and giving their program a much-needed touch of realism. The real world can be a cold harsh place where the majority of the population is rude, disrespectful and only care about themselves and wrestling was no longer afraid to display this behavior on their television programs. And guess what? It fucking worked. WWF and WCW started registering the highest ratings in the history of professional wrestling based programing. It was cool to be a wrestling fan once again. Merchandise sold way better than it does now and the overall product was just better since people could now related to the characters like never before. The regression of the WWE in the last 5 years has been sicking to watch and it’s time for a fucking change. The PG movement led by WWE poster boy John Cena must die and it must die NOW! Read more…

#NowPlaying ~ Madonna “Human Nature”


#NowPlaying ~ Madonna “Human Nature”

Words written by THE INFAMOUS JCITY™

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, my highly controversial post titled The True Story Of What Matt Hardy Did The Day He Got Fired From TNA has been met with mixed reactions. While some found the adventures of Matt Hardy to be quite hilarious, there are those who were disgusted at the vile nature of the post. From comments to death threats in emails, I have not received this much of a negative response since the days I used to write for While I can understand the frustrations that post evoked, numbers don’t lie. It was a hit and is one of the fastest rising viewed post on the site, and even if it wasn’t, artistically, I fucking love it. It’s one of the top 5 things I have ever written since I started blogging. One of the main problems I think people had with the post though is that they thought I wrote it with the intentions of being funny, when in reality, I wanted to tell a sick, twisted, dark and deranged story. A story that was not meant to make fun of Matt Hardy, but meant to shed light on the negative aspects of his life and hopefully wake him the fuck up in order for him to get the help he so desperately needs. One thing I did find funny though is how some people demand I take down the post and issue and apology and to them I say, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!! I will say and write whatever the fuck I want to say and/or write about. I live in a country where I have the freedom of speech and I will use and abuse that fucking right until it no longer exist and even then, I would fight to the death to get that right reinstated.

Some people were disgusted by all the mentions of illicit narcotics and sex in that post, but guess what? Like it or not, people get raped every fucking day. People contemplate suicide every fucking day and they sure as hell use drugs and have sex every fucking day. Shiiiiiiiiiiit, I do drugs (and by drugs I mean weed) and have sex every fucking day. So fucking what? It’s fucking life. Am I some kind of monster because I don’t live what you would consider a “clean and acceptable” lifestyle? Not everyone lives in a safety bubble sheltered from the reality that goes on around them. What the fuck do you people want me to write about? Rainbows, flowers and sunshine? Get the fuck outta here with that shit. With that being said, I have good news and bad news regarding this site. The good news is that not everything I write will be as controversial as the Matt Hardy post was. The bad news is that if and when I do write another controversial post, it might just be waaaaaaay more fucked up than anything you have ever read in your whole fucking life, and that includes the Matt Hardy blog. I don’t mind the difference of opinions whatsoever, but don’t fucking tell me to take anything I wrote down from MY site. I will never apologize for speaking my mind so fuck that shit and to the people sending me death threats, come and fucking kill me already you stupid motherfuckers. I ain’t fucking scared to die so none of you bitches can ever strike an ounce of fear in my motherfucking heart. Bring it, I’ll be waiting. Until then, just play the fucking song…


Public Service Announcement: I’mmm Baaaaaaack Bitches!!!

Public Service Announcement: I’mmm Baaaaaaack Bitches!!!


Finally… THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ has come back to the IWC!!!

*Crickets chirp loudly in background*


*Crickets chirp louder in background*

Ok, I see how it is. If you didn’t miss me, then all I can say to you is fuck you, your mother’s a whore, and I hope your soul gets damned to an eternity in hell where you will be cursed to lick a million motherfucking cocks per second like the true faggot that you are. Not only am I fucking back in the physical form, but I’m back to that old mentality that made me a household name to begin with. That’s right, MR. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK is back to FUCK SHIT UP!!! Consider this Public Service Announcement a motherfucking warning. If you can’t stand when I talk shit for the sake of talking shit, then you might as well fuck off now. Don’t let the door hit you on your motherfucking ass on the way out either. It’s time for me to express myself, not regress myself. For those of you that fucked with me from the beginning of my blogging adventures, then you should have an idea of the new era that is now upon us here at and for those of you that have recently joined my movement, strap on your motherfucking seatbelts because it’s sure to be a wild and crazy ride from here on out. Read more…

THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: The Fairy Is At It Again

THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: The Fairy Is At It Again 


It looks like The Fairy Rock is talking his bullshit again. You see, at a recent show in Australia, John Cena insinuated what the whole WWE Universe should know by now, that The Rock is a goddamn liar and you shouldn’t take anything he says serious because the man clearly talks out of his steroid infused anus. So yea, The Rock gets wind of John Cena’s “BITCH ASS” rant and basically cuts a promo on Cena and damn it was good. Doesn’t change the fact that this motherfucker is a goddamn liar, but The Rock still has the “IT” factor that makes him, or made him, one of the ALL TIME GREATS. Before I break this down, break this down down, let’s digest The Rock’s John Cena diss video and see what kinda analysis ends up in the proverbial crapper. Digesting… digesting… serious gas out my ass and BOOM here we go.

*Click Here For Fart Noises*

Read more…

Real Talk: I Have The Balls To Say The Things Nobody Else Will Say

Real Talk: I Have The Balls To Say The Things Nobody Else Will Say


[Editors Note: The views expressed in this article are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the thoughts of any other writer in THE INFAMOUS CREW™. Keep in mind that this is not a diss of any kind as I have only stated undisputable facts that the IWC sheeple refuse to acknowledge. That is all.]

“I have the balls to say the things nobody else will say” – CM Punk

When I first started writing about wrestling, I did so by setting myself apart from every other cookie cutter writer out there in the IWC. Instead of following a safe and proven formula or creating controversy just to generate a few website hits, I decided that the best course of action was to speak straight from the heart and say the things everybody was too scared to say. When I look at other sites in the IWC, I see nothing but generic views, from featured writers, to guys posting their thoughts on forums, Twitter, doesn’t matter the place, the result is always the same, they all lack testicular fortitude. What is testicular fortitude? Is it appeasing to the masses to be socially accepted? No. That’s what I would refer to as not being true to yourself. Is it playing both sides of the fence by writing something controversial to generate hits and comments, just to end up apologizing for “your” thoughts in the same column? No, and I quoted “your” because if you write something to intentionally rile people up, then it didn’t come from the heart, it was manufactured. Ever since I started this site I have ripped the balls out of my nutsack and threw them in the proverbial river where they got carried away by the waves, never to be seen again. Like a mindless zombie, I started falling into the same writing patterns as everybody else. I lost a few fans as a result, but gained a few more since I became more “accessible”. I became the equivalent of silicone titties, fake as fuck, the legacy I build on THEREALSHYT.COM fading away with each and every post. No longer was I going against the grain and since I fell into the normality that the people who read the wrestling sites were accustomed to, they started gravitating to me. Some have actually told me that I am NOW good enough to rival some of the “best” writers the IWC has to offer. Read more…