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Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE On Monday Night RAW The Night After WrestleMania 28 And Hits John Cena With A MotherFuckin’ F5 4/2/12

Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE On Monday Night RAW The Night After WrestleMania 28 And Hits John Cena With A MotherFuckin’ F5 4/2/12


I was going to write about my wild and crazy (ie I was drunker than CM Punk swimming in a pool of Jack Daniels) WrestleMania 28 experience, but at this point, that shit is irrelevant as fuck because BROCK LESNAR IS BACK IN THE WWE!!!! Now, if you’re a smarky little asshole who’s addicted to the news and rumors provided by the “dirtsheets”, then I’m pretty sure you’ve all read the rumors this past weekend involving Brock Lesnar signing a one-year WWE contract just in time for him to make a WrestleMania 28 appearance. As we all know, that didn’t happen, which led me to believe that the rumor was just some asshole’s super elaborate April Fool’s prank meant to fool the “know it all” wrestling marks in the IWC. Turns out, the rumor is now a reality as Brock Lesnar – to the delight of the fans- made his return to the company that undoubtedly made him a household name. So, did Lesnar cut a promo to address the fans? Did he try to pander to the crowd asking for forgiveness for leaving the WWE for a failed career in the NFL and a lucrative one in the UFC, where he reigned as champion before everybody started knocking him the fuck out? No. Lesnar made his return by hitting John Cena with his F5 finisher as RAW went off the air. Read more…

Dolph Ziggler Beats CM Punk And Earns A Shot At The WWE Championship Next Week On Monday Night RAW

Mark my words, 2012 will be the year of the #Heel. It seems that 2011 was the year everyone started noticing the skills Dolph Ziggler possesses in the ring, but if you have followed me since 2010 you should know that I’ve been saying Dolph Ziggler is the motherfucking future of the WWE before it was all trendy. Last night on Monday Night RAW, with an assist from John Gingivitis, Dolph Ziggler defeated CM Punk to earn himself a WWE Championship Match next week on RAW. Dolph is fully capable of putting on great matches and when his opponents are on the level of a CM Punk then you know you are going to witness something special. Next week’s match is sure to be a classic and I’m going on record now and saying that DOLPH ZIGGLER WILL BE THE NEXT WWE CHAMPION!!!

I can just feel it in the air. Can you? Change is coming. Ziggler can definitely beat Punk on his own merit, but I think there might be some foul play involved. Punk as champion has been bad for ratings and there is talks that WWE officials want him to drop the title sooner rather than later. What I think is going to happen is whoever the mysterious force that is supposed to return on January 2, 2012 is going to play an important part in the outcome of the Ziggler vs Punk match. I think they will cost CM Punk his WWE Championship and then feud with Punk leading up to Wrestlemania. As for Ziggler, he fucking deserves this chance to shine. He has continuously had high quality matches and he can definitely hang with WWE’s best as proven by his matches against Punk, Orton and Cena. 2012 is the year of the #Heel. Remember where you heard it first.

R-Truth Returns From His Drug Related 30 Day Suspension And Beats The Miz’s Ass

Last night on Monday Night RAW, R-Truth came back from the 30 day suspension he earned for smoking synthetic marijuana (I know, who the fuck does that?) and got revenge on The Miz for putting him on the shelf (so goes the storyline). I know I said I was never going to review Monday Night RAW again, but this is not a review and the only reason I’m even posting this shit is because I thought Miz getting fucked up was fucking awesome. Miz has been known to hand out vicious ass whoopings every once in a while, so it was fun watching him get what was coming to him. R-Truth was very aggressive in his assault of his former Awesome Truth tag team partner, going as far as punching his fucking face in while he threw Miz into the ringside barricade. He also tackled Miz over the announce table, slid him on the surface of the announce table in hilarious fashion, threw him into the steel steps and hit him with the extremely dangerous WATER BOTTLE OF DOOM!!! Seeing The Miz get got was one of the greatest RAW moments in Chicago and I can’t wait to see where this feud goes next. Now that’s whatsup.

RAW Comments (08/1/2011) by Tony Kegger

RAW Comments (08/1/2011) by Tony Kegger


WWE Monday Night RAW was live from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana this week. Here are my RAW Comments. Read more…

RAW Comments (June 13, 2011) by Tony Kegger

[Editors Note: RAW was 3 hours on Monday and I didn’t really feel like writing a 7,000+ word review this week. I’m working on a few different things that will be posted over the course of the next two weeks though so no I’m not slacking, I just didn’t feel like reviewing RAW this week. Tony Kegger had written some RAW comments last week on his blog and I thought that it was pretty good. Short and to the point, something I have to figure out how to do because when I start writing I just can’t stop for some weird reason. Anyways, I will probably miss a RAW Review every once in a while, but these RAW comments make a great suitable replacement. When I do end up reviewing RAW don’t hesitate to check out Tony’s site for his RAW comments. I know they might not have been a weekly feature, but with enough encouragement maybe he will make it a weekly thing. Maybe we can fuse our RAW thoughts one day, who knows, but until then enjoy Tony Kegger’s RAW Comments.]

WWE Monday Night RAW was live from the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York this week. Here are my RAW Comments. Read more…