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TNA Fantasy by Ricky Jamison

TNA Fantasy by Ricky Jamison


Remember how we all used to play Smackdown vs. Raw and the best part about it (for any wrestling game actually) was GM Mode. Oh come on, don’t tell me I was the only person out there booking The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania; or was spending forever trying to get a five-star match out of a created character? Anyways, I mention this because I notice how everyone on the internet always says what they would do for WWE and how they would build this guy up or rebuild this division, but I never see anything creative for TNA Impact except “this show sucks” or “I can’t wait for it to fail already.” So, I decided to do what many others won’t; I’m going to write a fantasy column that in truth will probably be better than the actual product. So welcome to TNA Fantasy: Where Wrestling Really Counts and We Really Let the Pigeons Loose. Read more…