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North Korean Leader Kim Jong ll Is Fucking Dead

2011 hasn’t been too friendly to dictators/terrorist it seems. First Osama, then Gaddafi, and now Kim Jong II has just been pronounced dead. He was 69yrs old. I don’t really know much about him except for the fact that he was a nuclear weapons loving asshole who has threaten to blow up the United States of America on numerous occasions by testing his weapons nuclear range, which is rumored to be fully capable of reaching the coast of California. He is also known for letting his country go into poverty as he wasted all of his resources into creating the most technologically advanced nuclear weapons known to man, but to me he will always be the funny speaking antagonist in the “Team America” movie. I guess this would be the part where I say rest in peace, but I don’t feel that Kim Jong deserves my respect, so fuck him and may he lick a million motherfucking cocks per second… IN HELL!!!!!

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Public Service Announcement: Trick Or Treat?: Fuck It All…

I’ve been free for almost a month now and this is the first time I have had the time to look at the comments on this site and boy there is some stupid fuckery going on which has turned me off from ever posting anything ever again. From queer ass blog owners trying to steal all my commentators and writers, to no life haters (who don’t deserve to be exposed to my form of entertainment) spewing a bunch of retarded ass garbage, to people turning this site into a “We hate TJR” forum, to people impersonating others, shit is getting a little too damn ridiculous for my liking. I have too much shit going on at the moment to focus my attention on the site (how you doing, Anger Management classes?), so thanks to everyone that showed me love during my state sponsored vacation. Everyone else though can just suck on my dick and choke on my neatly trimmed pubes until I bust a big fat nut down their throats, proverbially speaking of course.

Maybe I’ll be back one day, maybe I won’t, but for right now, fuck this site. Peace bitches…

PS: Happy Halloween, fuckers.

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Ana’s Random Opinions by Ana_ZackPack

Ana’s Random Opinions by Ana_ZackPack


Hello people, I have decided to write another “Ana’s Random Opinions”. If you notice the title, I excluded the word Wrestling, because while I will talk about the wrestling business, I will also talk about other things that interest me. Some of the things I will discuss are more serious than others, so this article is way different from my last one. Before I comment on the non-wrestling related stuff, I will start with the wrestling topics, since this is after all, a wrestling website. Read more…

#NowPlaying – Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good” RIP 9/14/83 – 7/23/11


#NowPlaying – Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good” RIP 9/14/83 – 7/23/11


On July 23, 2011 Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment. No specific cause of death was giving, so everyone claiming that she died from a drug overdose can just shut the fuck up with that bullshit until her autopsy report comes out. I’m sure drugs deteriorated her body to the point where she looked like she was malnourished and fragile, but until people know the specifics then they really shouldn’t speak on it. While most of society will remember Amy for her problems with illicit narcotics, I will always remember her as a raw soulful talent that never quite reached her full potential. She lived her life by her rules and while others sat around and judged her for it, I found that to be quite an admirable trait. Amy joins other talented musicians that died at the age of 27, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Freaky Tah and one of my all time favorite musicians, Kurt Cobain.

“You Know I’m No Good” was the first single released from Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black” album, which is an emotional soulful album that went on to win 5 Grammy Awards. I swear that I can feel some of her pain on this album and to me that is the mark of a true exceptional artist. It’s also the first time I have ever seen Amy and she caught my attention fairly quickly seeing as I love me some hot chicks with tats.

After the jump are a few unedited thoughts on Amy Winehouse’s death as tweeted by a few celebrities. May you rest in peace Amy, you were an inspiration to those who live their lives the way they see fit despite what anyone else may think or say about it.

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