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Becoming Straight Edge – My Journey by Ana_ZackPack

After my article on Kharma, I had doubts about the theme I would choose for my next article. At first, as a proud member of the Zack Pack, I thought about writing a little something about the “Internet Champion” Zack Ryder, but with many people doing that lately I figured (especially after reading JCITY™’s opinion) that it would be more interesting to talk about a more serious issue and something that is changing my life for the better: my decision to become Straight Edge.

While I know that some people have chosen the path of abstinence, I wasn’t aware of this specific movement until CM Punk appeared in ECW back in 2006. At that time I didn’t smoke (cigarettes or weed) and I rarely consumed alcohol, but I immediately thought it was pretty cool for a talented wrestler to give such a good message about a healthy lifestyle, especially since a lot of kids watch WWE.

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