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The State Of The Tag Team Division by JoeMan

The State Of The Tag Team Division by JoeMan


Remember when the Tag Team Division had a deep roster full of teams and was fun to watch? How about when it was more than just combining two random guys to make a super team because they had no storylines for said individuals? Well, it looks like World Wrestling Entertainment is trying to rebuild a division that has been broken longer than “fake writers” on this site were given birth to. As of right now there are only a few “Tag Teams” in the WWE. I will no longer count Air Boom because Evan Bourne gets suspended far too often. If I was management, I would let him go. I assume they will do that as soon as his suspension is up and then he can go fight for the X-Division title at Impact Wrestling in 90 days.

So, I hate doing articles in a “List” format. With that being said I’m going to run down a few teams and other ways the WWE can improve their Tag Team Division in a “List’ish” format. Not a list, but list’ish. Get it? Good. Let’s get to it.  Read more…