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Random Thoughts On WWE by The Modern Native

Random Thoughts on WWE by The Modern Native


Guys, I’m going to try something. I’m going to try and do a random thoughts post every week. I’m going to alternate between the two major companies, so one week it’ll be TNA, the next it’ll be WWE. Hopefully, it won’t get boring that way, and I’ll get to share my thoughts on both companies. Now, to be fair, I only watch Raw, and very rarely catch SmackDown. I w atch Impact every single week, but occasionally I’ll miss a Raw. Every week that I do a WWE piece, I’ll be sure to definitely catch Raw, and I’ll try to at least catch the highlights of SmackDown. Much like the TNA side of this coin, I’ll try to only focus on the positives each company is doing and stray away from the negatives. Now, onto the meat and potatoes of this column… Read more…

Random Thoughts About TNA’s Current Product… And A Bonus Rant! by The Modern Native

Random Thoughts About TNA’s Current Product… And A Bonus Rant! by The Modern Native


Ok, here’s how I’d like this to work, ideally. Hopefully, every two weeks, I can post one of these columns about my thoughts on the current product in TNA. I’m going to shoot for every two or three weeks, because doing one every week would get old fast, as alot of the storylines, shockingly, are long-term ones. The “Evolution of TNA” series is taking a hiatus currently, because I’m part of a new Cardiac Intensive Care Unit that my hospital is opening up next month. With that, my second job and going to school full-time, I can write a random thoughts piece much quicker than writing a drawn out, detailed piece such as the Evolution series. Hopefully in August things will have settled down for me and I can get back to it. Anyways, without further ado, here are some random thoughts that I’ve had from watching TNA the past few weeks. I seriously think that TNA is going in a great direction with a lot of things and most of these will be focused on the positive aspects of the company. I try not to get focused on the bad things because that hampers the enjoyment you can get out of watching. You don’t watch your favorite football team because they suck, you watch because one day, they’ll win. Let me know what you think at the end. Read more…

Abyss: Tailor Made For The X-Division by The Modern Native

Before I get started, I just want to point out that this isn’t a part of my “Evolution of TNA” columns. This just seemed pretty major and I just wanted to get my opinion out on how I feel about it. I’ll try to have installment two of my column series out next week, so in the meantime you can just read this and let me know what you think.

During Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling episode, Abyss defeated Kazarian to become the new X Division Champion. I know a lot of people are going to hate this booking, because it takes away from the Brian Kendricks, Amazing Reds, and the Generation Me’s of that division, but before you’re too harsh on the decision though, read ahead. You never know, I might just make a valid point. Read more…

The Evolution of TNA: Legends Championship by The Modern Native

[Editors Note: The Modern Native submitted this about a week ago, but wanted to add more thoughts to it so I held on to it. He is in the middle of relocating and has told me to go ahead and post it as is. He is not happy with the finished product as he feels he could have made it better, but I think it’s good the way it is. Not everything on the site has to be a super long read so I appreciate it all the same. The Modern Native is a very busy man so thanks to him for taking the time to put something together for the site. I will have my RAW review up before the end of the day and then it’s right off to edit a few goodies for the rest of the week. Enjoy.]

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is The Modern Native. Some of you may remember me from TJR, some of you may not. Regardless, when I saw THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ starting this whole thing up, I wanted in. I’m a writer at heart. Amongst other things, writing has always been a staple in my life, and I was published for the first time at the age of 13. Long story short, there was a falling out between myself and John (over way bigger projects than writing, but I won’t get into details for the sake of everyone involved.) I resigned from the Impact reviews, and I’ve been missing writing ever since.

To basically get down to the root, I’m a married man. I have three kids, and one on the way. Sometimes I can’t always post something every week at the same exact time. I need leeway. As has been said before, if I was getting paid, it would be a different story, but I’m not. I work full time in the ICU, go to school full-time, and at some point have to spend time with my family. Just to throw it out there, writing is a passion, but sometimes it has to take a backseat to life.

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