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Fuck You And Your Future Endeavors. Just Fuck Off And Die Already!

Fuck You And Your Future Endeavors. Just Fuck Off And Die Already!


The biggest non-television wrestling related news that happened while I was on vacation was WWE wishing the best in the future endeavors of Vladimir Koslov, DH Smith, Melina and Chris Masters. Gail Kim supposedly quit because she sensed she was going to be let go, but the WWE pulled a fast one on the Asian Sensation and have decided to hold her hostage since Chinese people like sewing wrestling attire for mere pennies an hour. Anyways, there are more useless motherfuckers wandering around WWE land doing nothing of importance or just plain ol’ sucking and taking television time away from more deserving talent and they deserve to be fired. In this post, I will name a few WWE Superstars that just need to fuck off and die already. Instead of naming every talent that I think should kick rocks, I will go with seven WWE Superstars who I wouldn’t miss if they fell off the face of the earth. We can call them “The Future Unemployed Soon To Be Impact Wrestling Wrestlers” or “The Unlucky 7” for short. If this post generates the type of passionate discussion that I envision it doing, then every once in a while I will choose 7 more unlucky bastards and make this a reoccurring themed column. If not, then fuck this stupid ass idea, I’ll just post tits. Sweet glorious TITS!!!!!  Now on to the feature presentation… Read more…