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Free Mixtape Download: TKO Presents ~ Prototype 101

Free Mixtape Download: TKO Presents ~ Prototype 101


[Editor’s Note: I’ve been hella busy lately playing Mass Effect 2 and 3 so I haven’t really given this album a proper listen, but the tracks I did hear are fucking awesome. This is the Mixtape follow-up to TKO’s album, Prototype V and if you liked that album, you’re going to fucking love this Mixtape. With that being said, if I waited long enough to write a review on this, this FREE Download wouldn’t be posted for like another week or two, so instead of keeping people waiting, I thought who better to sell you on this Mixtape than the artist himself, TKO. Don’t sleep on this shit. The Prototype series goes harder than a motherfucker.]

It’s finally done.

FREE Prototype 101 Download

After months of writing, cycling through beats, recording and trying to decide what’s the best fit, Prototype 101 is done. I’m satisfied with my delivery and content more than ever. I think my wordplay in general has improved and I seriously think I’m as good as I say I am. After over 700 songs I think I deserve to show a little confidence (not swag.) 16 songs deep, Prototype 101 is less story driven and there aren’t a lot of topics, just a Mixtape joint free of too much emotion. I think saying whatever I want is fun and funny. Don’t take any violence or sexually ridiculous claims too seriously, I’m just doing my best to be as lyrically insane as possible, but at the same time you get a lot of what’s on my mind. I free-write. Freestyling on paper. I know a lot of artists who write a little here and there, rewrite, edit, ect. I write the entire song in one sitting, not trying too hard to make a classic. It’s all captured at that moment in time. I hope you enjoy the low-budget free product and provide some feedback. Read more…

#NowPlaying ~ TKO “Nice Guy”

First single from the upcoming Prototype 101 album. Get familiar.

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THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Proudly Presents: TKO “Incognito” Free Album Download

The first TKO songs I’ve ever heard were from his Incognito album. I reviewed some of the songs here and ever since then I’ve been a fan. The songs were tight and I expressed interest in actually downloading the album so I can bump that shit out loud and put my people’s on to his music and now a few months later it’s FINALLY available for free download. If you enjoyed his Prototype V album then I see no reason why you wouldn’t like this one. I haven’t heard the album in full yet, but from what I remember, the songs I did review were very accessible and radio friendly. I can’t wait to revisit some of these songs and hear the ones I’ve never heard before. I’m downloading Incognito for FREE as we speak and if you like good music then recommend that you do too. After the jump, I copied and pasted TKO’s explanation of this album from his site where you can also find the link to this album. He will also post future albums on his site and release past albums that have never been available to the public.  Read more…

THE INFAMOUS Album Review: TKO “Prototype V” + Free Album Download

THE INFAMOUS Album Review: TKO “Prototype V” + Free Album Download


Over the summer, INFAMOUS CREW™ member TKO released his “Prototype V” album, which you can download for free by clicking here. This is the first time a TKO album is available for free download and I told him a while back that if he ever dropped a legit album that I can actually download and listen to then I would be more than happy to review that motherfucker. Seeing as I am a man of my word, I downloaded the album and the first thing I noticed was that TKO left off his biggest hit to date, “We See You” (John Cena Diss), which you can download for free by clicking here.

Before I start, I would just like to give TKO and any other artist reading this a word of advise, if and when you drop a song and it becomes a smash hit, build your album around that song. Use that song for promotion and push up the release date of your album, if not then just gather up some of your best songs that are not available to the public (or in this case chilling on YouTube collecting virtual dust) and release them as a mixtape so you can keep your name buzzing on the streets Internet until your official album release. Never let the hype fizzle out because in this fast food culture that is the Internet, people will stop checking for you if you’re not consistent. So yeah, where was I again? Oh yeah, the album review. In this review I’m going to keep it 100% real. Just because me and TKO are cool doesn’t mean that I will cut him any slack when it comes to this hiphop shit. I’m not kissing anybody’s ass with this shit, so if a song is good I will say that it’s good, but if a song fucking sucks then I’m going to rip it a new asshole. Let’s get to it… Read more…

Why The Invasion Angle Worked by TKO

In this column I will discuss the 2001 WWF vs WCW Invasion angle from a fans perspective. It was an exciting time in the World Wrestling Federation (not yet WWE) and it was fresh off of the best Wrestlemania ever, where some interesting angles that would later become the Invasion kicked off. People often would say that they would want to forget this era in wrestling history, but I enjoyed a lot of it for various reasons. You can say I wasn’t a smart fan at the time because I never thought about the other side of the business, so these are the thoughts of a casual fan. This is not about the obvious bad parts of the Invasion angle, this is about the good things that I got out of the Invasion as a fan. This is not about X-pac matches, Kronic, Lance Storm or the fact that the lack of WCW star power was so obvious it makes you want to vomit. Let’s take a trip back to the summer of 2001. A time when Triple H tore his quad and when we WANTED to see Chris Benoit, but all we got was Booker T. Booker T, the man who basically started the Invasion and then was treated like The Rock’s less fortunate twin brother who was left in the attic. A time when we should have seen Goldberg vs. Stone Cold. Ok, let me not get into what could and should have happened, this is about the good parts, walk with me. Read more…

#NowPlaying – TKO “We See You” (John Cena Diss) *Bonus* JCITYHUSTLA617 “Internet Haters” (ThisIs50Edition)

As a big fan of wrestling and a major hiphop head I have to go on record and say that this might be the greatest thing I have ever heard. I love battle raps, but I have never heard a battle rap about wrestling, well there was the R-truth Cena diss, but this is way better than that shit so it doesn’t count. And no I haven’t heard the “Macho Man” Randy Savage “Be A Man” album which I read contains some subliminal disses aimed at Hulk Hogan. I should really start an INFAMOUS CREW™ record label soon because TKO is poised to blow the fuck up. Somebody sign this man already. Oh yea, since I’m feeling the rap hostility in the air I have decided to post up my “Internet Haters” song I did a while back dissing everyone hating on me on It doesn’t sound as crisp as TKO’s shit, but that’s because I recorded it using a digital cam microphone. This was recorded in 2009 so excuse me for all the excessive swearing, I was in a much darker place back then, don’t judge me.

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#Nowplaying ~ Songs by TKO

It should be no secret that I enjoy listening to all types of music with hiphop being my favorite genre. From time to time people will flood my twitter timeline and email with links asking me to listen to their music but I rarely ever do. It’s not because I don’t think I wouldn’t enjoy it (even though the thought has crossed my mind) but because those people tend to come across as spambots. If you want me to take the time and listen to your music then at least have the decency to chop it up with the kid and please for the love of everything holy do not, I repeat, do not link me to corny materialistic raps. I hate Soulja Boy type music. I’m not hating on the next man but trying to force feed me bullshit links is never going to work. At least when I put my little links up I try to actually comment on the topic at hand, but this isn’t about me or my spamming adventures so let me stop digressing. Recently a commentator by the name of TKO asked me if I could check out the music on his youtube page. I’ve seen his comments on TJR before and he didn’t come off as a spambot when he asked so I decided that I would check the music out. To be honest I had no idea what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

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