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The New England Patriots are going to the SuperBowl for the 5th time in 11 years after defeating the Baltimore Ravens 23 – 20 in a very close, nail-biting game. The Patriots are my hometown team so I’m fucking excited about this. I’m already planning my SuperBowl party and it’s going to be fucking awesome. In New England we treat such an event as a National Holiday. I’m rooting for the AFC Champions to win the Lombardi Trophy this year just so I could go act a fool at their victory parade. It’s great to be a Boston sports fan. Our teams are the fucking best. 7 Championships in 10 years, who the fuck can argue with that? No one. So yeah, with that being said, I have taken this opportunity to post a bunch of pictures of Impact Wrestling Knockout Velvet Sky proudly rocking her Patriots gear. The SuperBowl will take place on February 5th. Are you excited like me or are you one of those people who can give a fuck less about the NFL?

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TNA Knockouts Spotlight: Velvet Sky: Rockstar

I thought that I should let the viewing public know that I have appealed Bloggers decision to shut down What that means is that in a few days my old site will either be reinstated or it will stay gone forever. If by any chance I do end up getting that site back what I will end up doing is running two completely different sites. How different you might ask? Well for starters I would use this site as a family friendly site. No nudes will ever be posted on this site and blogs will be written normally. On the other site I will continue to do what I was doing with the nudes and ALL CAPS writing. It would be like day and night, yin and yang, fat and skinny, a split personality if you will, but that’s only if the site gets reinstated. As for this site, I want people to be comfortable browsing this site at work without getting fired, school without being suspended, or at home without your significant other getting mad at you for looking at big tittied bitches. My favorite features on that other site where “Hot Chicks With Tatz”, “Big Booty Bitches” and the grandaddy of them all, “Tits Or GTFO” so I will miss doing the “research” for those post but it’s time for a change. Anyways, from time to time I will feature some eye candy on this site since I will forever be a straight warm-blooded male and the female physique is something that I will always enjoy looking at. These woman will never be nude (sorry) and will usually be from the wonderful world of professional wrestling. With that being said I hope you enjoy Velvet Sky: Rockstar.

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