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The Man With The “Impact” by Jack Jorgenson

The Man With The “Impact” by Jack Jorgenson 


On June 27, 2011 CM Punk sat Indian style atop the ramp at the end of Raw and delivered what would be remembered as the best mic work since the now infamous Austin 3:16 shoot. Punk shot on anyone and everyone he could without holding any punches until his mic was abruptly cut and he was forced to cease on his tirade. For true wrestling fans it was a moment we’ll never forget. Much was said in that promo, but there was one line in there that resonated with me the most and that phrase was “Yeah, that’s right, I’m a Paul Heyman guy”! And Punk is. When Punk was finally called up to the main roster, Heyman was more or less Phil Brooks’ only supporter. He saw the burning desire in Punk to become what he did in 2011, and that’s the best wrestler on the planet and the new face of the WWE. This to me was further proof that Paul Heyman can still make a huge impact in this industry, especially with the wealth of young talent in the wrestling world today but Heyman’s impact (pun HIGHLY intended) should be felt not in Stamford Connecticut, but in Orlando Florida. That’s right folks I’m bringing up the issue of Impact Wrestling eventually becoming viable and a possible threat to the evil empire that is World Wrestling Entertainment. Read more…

TNA Fantasy by Ricky Jamison

TNA Fantasy by Ricky Jamison


Remember how we all used to play Smackdown vs. Raw and the best part about it (for any wrestling game actually) was GM Mode. Oh come on, don’t tell me I was the only person out there booking The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania; or was spending forever trying to get a five-star match out of a created character? Anyways, I mention this because I notice how everyone on the internet always says what they would do for WWE and how they would build this guy up or rebuild this division, but I never see anything creative for TNA Impact except “this show sucks” or “I can’t wait for it to fail already.” So, I decided to do what many others won’t; I’m going to write a fantasy column that in truth will probably be better than the actual product. So welcome to TNA Fantasy: Where Wrestling Really Counts and We Really Let the Pigeons Loose. Read more…

Impact Wrestling Superstar Of The Year: Sting

In a company as inconsistent as Impact Wrestling, Sting proved to be the most consistent performer of the year. Sting’s 2011 kicked off with rumors of him debuting in the WWE on 2/21/11 to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27. As we all know, those rumors were false as Sting continued to defy the McMahon wrestling empire by resigning with TNA (Impact Wrestling). Upon his arrival, Sting captured the TNA World Heavyweight Championship which he won twice in 2011. Sting dominated the competition in the first half of 2011 as he defeated the likes of Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and RVD. After losing the title the first time, Sting snapped and started acting deranged.

His character found new life as an insane Heath Ledger as Joker type personality. He recaptured the TNA Heavyweight Championship and not only did he defend it, he tried to take on Impact Wrestling’s main heel stable, Immortal, on his own. Sting wanted to strip Immortal of their control of the company and would spend the majority of the year trying to get Hogan to agree to a match with him. After Sting lost his championship to Kurt Angle he began to focus more of his attention on restoring the Impact Wrestling brand. He finally got his wish when he wrestled Hulk Hogan at Bound For Glory, turning Hogan face in the process. Not only did he bring out the “real” Hulk Hogan, he also won back control of the company which allowed Dixie Carter to reclaim what was rightfully hers. Read more…

Worst Match Of The Year: Jeff Hardy vs Sting For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship At The Victory Road PPV

There was no competition for this category, the worst match of the year by a landslide was Jeff Hardy vs Sting at the TNA Victory Road PPV. This match was an embarrassment. Shit like this is the reason people love ripping TNA apart in the IWC. TNA should have called an audible before letting this match go on the air as scheduled. You see, Jeff Hardy must have smoked a little too much weed, sniffed and extra line of coke, or got shit-faced at a local bar, but he was clearly in no shape to compete. When he made his way out to the ring, he was wobbling from side to side, when he tried to enter the ring, he almost fell off the ring steps. TNA management should have stopped him from entering the Impact Zone in that state of mind. Before this match, RVD and Anderson wrestled to a no contest in a Number One Contender Match. TNA could have easily taken Jeff off the card via backstage shenanigans and made the match a Triple Threat for the title between RVD, Anderson and Sting. All they had to do was say since nobody won the last match, both competitors earned the shot at the title in the main event of the PPV since Hardy was in no shape to compete. Instead, TNA went on with the match.

To make matters worse, Eric Bishoff came out and made the match a No Disqualification Match. You can see him give messages to both Sting and Hardy off the mic, so it’s clear that he informed them of what was going to happen next, but isn’t that why referees have ear pieces? Any information about the match could have been relayed to the ref who then would have given both competitors the information needed to continue. When the bell actually rang, Hardy acted unprofessional and instead of doing the job, he teased the crowd with his shirt for about a minute. A visibly upset Sting locked up with Hardy, hit him a few times, then dropped his ass with the Scorpion Deathdrop for the win. I included the match after the jump and you can clearly see that Hardy tried his best to kick out, but Sting had him locked tight. I kinda felt bad for Sting because he just came back to TNA after turning down a very lucrative deal with the WWE just so he could deal with such bullshit. The actual match must have lasted less than a minute. If I ordered this PPV there would have been hell to pay because I would have personally flown to Florida and dropkicked Dixie Carter in the face.

So Jeff Hardy, how do you feel about your Victory Road Match against Sting? Read more…

An Impact Wrestling Roster Evaluation: Part 2 by Shaman’s Harvest

An Impact Wrestling Roster Evaluation: Part 2 by Shaman’s Harvest


The other half of the Impact Wrestling roster fucking sucks. Every woman that works there is either retarded or a whore (or just retarded whores), and every man that works there either can’t find a real job or can’t support their crack habits on welfare checks and food stamps alone because they lost all the money they made in WWE on lottery tickets or divorce payments. They all get Super F’s and I wish the Impact Zone would get struck by lightning and burn to the ground. Here’s to hoping they get canceled soon.

A TNA fan

Read more…

THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: The True Story Of What Matt Hardy Did The Day He Got Fired From TNA

THE INFAMOUS Wrestling News Wire: The True Story Of What Matt Hardy Did The Day He Got Fired From TNA


On August 20, 2011, Matt Hardy was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and was released from his TNA contract as a result. It has recently been reported that TNA wanted both Matt and his brother Jeff  to undergo rehabilitation before they were allowed to return to the company, as they both have not been featured for a couple of months now. Matt has recently gone on record and has denied that he has a problem with substance abuse and thus refused TNA’s rehab offer. His arrest proved that Matt Hardy is a liar and a liability, so TNA cut their losses for the betterment of their company’s image. Now, people are free to do what they want, so I’m not judging Matt Hardy for the lifestyle he has chosen to live, I’m just reporting on this for those of you that might care about the extracurricular activities of one of your favorite former TNA and WWE Superstars. Here is what really went down (according to my trusty source that will not be named for concerns over his safety) the day Matt Hardy got fired from TNA/Impact Wrestling.  Read more…

An Impact Wrestling Roster Evaluation: Part 1 by Shaman’s Harvest

An Impact Wrestling Roster Evaluation: Part 1 by Shaman’s Harvest


Nope, this isn’t an interview with the entire Impact Wrestling roster (but I will so do that eventually because it would be hilarious), this is a formal evaluation of the TNA Superstar roster. I have seen WWE roster evaluations, but I have never seen an evaluation of the Impact Wrestling roster, so I thought I would give it a shot. The terrible thing about the company is that they have a great talent roster when you actually look at it (better than WWE’s), but unfortunately, the goofballs in charge seem to have no idea how to use it. I think a good way to really get to the bottom of the problems on this show as well as how to fix them, is to look at the guys they have and offer some ideas on how to use them (since I am clearly a better wrestling booker than guys who have been in the business for decades… don’t worry, I’m sure you are too).

I guess I would consider myself a regular Impact Wrestling viewer. I tune every Thursday… I don’t always watch it or stay on that channel, but I think I got the main idea of what’s going on there. So, since I’m evaluating the roster, I should probably find a ranking system of some sort, hmmmm… I’ll go with an A, B, C, D, F, Super F ranking system and I’ll give the peeps a + for potential and – for slowing down. I’ll also give a short paragraph with my thoughts on them.

A – Main event level Superstar. Consistently puts on good performances and adds to the show weekly. Can be considered a draw.

B – Upper midcard superstar with the potential to improve. May not be a big draw, but clearly adds to the show.

C – Guys who are just there. They don’t add to the show, but they don’t really take anything away from it either. They have the potential to improve, but are currently support players.

D – Wrestlers with basically nothing going on. Nobody really cares what they do or they rarely appear on the show.

F – Annoying, overrated, terrible wrestlers. These are people that make you want to change the channel when you see them. They could be released tomorrow and nobody would care.

Super F – People I personally hate. They can all go to hell.

So let’s do this! Alphabetically of course. Part one will include Abyss-Jeff Jarrett, part two will finish it up. Read more…