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The Keg Stand: My Top 10 Favorite WWE DVDs by Tony Kegger

The Keg Stand: My Top 10 Favorite WWE DVDs by Tony Kegger


[Editors Note: I’m not posting “THE REAL RAW SHYT” this week. My eye has been acting up for a couple days now, so I won’t be posting much of anything in the next couple of days. If you’re looking for an unorthodox view on Monday Night RAW then check out His wrestling reviews are funny as fuck so if you like the craziness of “THE REAL RAW SHYT” mixed with the self loathing of The Blue Ball’d Meanie, then you will more than likely like his reviews. I guaran-damn-tee it. Plus my epic “Is Alex Riley A Massive Homosexual” post is on the main page so there’s that. I’ve only found the site a few months ago, but I’ve found some great stuff on there by digging through the archives. I usually don’t recommend many sites, but you should really check it out. Anyways, shoutout to Tony Kegger for this post. To read more of Kegger’s work checkout WrestlingPipeBombs, the only wrestling blog approved by the dead spirit of Osama Bin Laden.]

I own many WWE DVDs. I don’t own as much as a collector would,  but I think I have more than the average WWE fan. The WWE makes good DVDs and unfortunately, they aren’t shown on TV. If you want to see the new “Stone Cold” documentary, you have to pay to see it. Maybe the WWE Network will air some of the many WWE documentaries, but until then, you have to either buy the DVD or rent it using Netflix or your cable’s On-Demand service. I could rent WWE DVDs, but I usually find the DVDs for so cheap, that it’s usually cheaper to just buy the DVD. I recently brought The Ladder Match DVD and the shipping and handling cost almost the same as what I paid for the actual DVD. I have so many WWE DVDs that I decided to create a list of my Top 10 favorite DVDs. Read more…

The Keg Stand: Zack Ryder Is The Brian Scalabrine Of The WWE by Tony Kegger

The Keg Stand: Zack Ryder Is The Brian Scalabrine Of The WWE by Tony Kegger 


If you’re a WWE fan, you have heard of the “Ryder Revolution”. One year ago, Zack Ryder was rarely on television and was a jobber in the WWE. Now, the entire Internet Wrestling Community is talking about Zack Ryder. At WWE Live Events, fans chant his name, wear his Broski Wigs, and bring Zack Ryder signs. He has become very popular. The question is, how popular is he? The fans love him, but do they want him to be the WWE Champion? When I think of Zack Ryder, I don’t think of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or The Rock. I don’t even think of a wrestler. I think of Brian Scalabrine. Read more…

Rare WWF Photos: Terri Runnels by Tony Kegger

Rare WWF Photos: Terri Runnels

by Tony Kegger

In early 2000, I was 11 years old. That’s too young for Playboy Magazines, so the next best thing was a WWF RAW Magazine. Now before you get the wrong idea, remember that the year was 2000. That was during the ATTITUDE ERA. WWF Magazines were awesome back then. Every issue had a “Diva of the Month” feature in which they would pick a WWF Diva and do a photo shoot. WWF wasn’t TV-PG back then so the photos were very racy. I got rid of most of my WWF magazines, but I kept the February 2000 issue of RAW Magazine. I would like to say that I saved it because Mick Foley was on the cover, but the truth is that I saved it because of Terri Runnels. After 2002, I stopped caring about wrestling, but the photos of Terri Runnels in that issue were so hot that I had to keep it. The photos are so amazing that I had to share them. I hope you enjoy these photos because the WWE would never put photos this sexy in their magazine today. Read more…

AN INFAMOUS EXCLUSIVE PRESENTATION: CM Punk Cuts A Promo After His Monday Night RAW Steel Cage Dark Match Against The Miz


Tony Kegger, who attended last night’s Monday Night RAW show in Chicago, emailed me this EXCLUSIVE video. This is the only place in the world where you will be able to see this clip. If you see it anywhere else they either stole it from here or Tony gave them the link. If by chance you happen to take the video from this site, please credit and @TonyKegger. Here’s a video description from the email Tony sent me:

CM Punk had a dark match vs. The Miz in a cage after RAW last night. After he won the match, he started celebrating with the fans. After awhile, I decided to record some of it and as soon as I started recording, Punk grabbed a mic and cut a short promo. I could have used this on my blog or sent it to the dirtsheets, but I appreciate you posting my work so I wanted to give you the video so you can exclusively post it to your site if you want to.

I would like to thank Tony Kegger for filming this promo and giving me the chance to post it as an exclusive. I appreciate all of his hard work as a writer on this site and I appreciate this cool CM Punk exclusive. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out his site for more wrestling related material and follow him on Twitter.

The Keg Stand: Top 15 WWE Moments In Chicago by Tony Kegger

The Keg Stand: Top 15 WWE Moments In Chicago 
by Tony Kegger
[Editors Note: Monday Night RAW will air live from Chicago tonight, so in anticipation of the event, Tony Kegger has had a Chicago based week of memorable WWE moments over at his site. He will be attending RAW tonight, but before he enjoys what is bound to be one of the best RAW’s of the year, he compliled his Top 15 WWE Moments In Chicago. Enjoy.]
WWE Monday Night RAW is in Chicago this Monday. Chicago is a great WWE city and many great moments have happened in Chicago. I decided to make a list of the top 15 WWE Chicago moments. Before I reveal my top 15, there are many moments that didn’t make the list. Those moments include John Cena’s WWE debut, Daniel Bryan winning Money in the Bank, Kane defeating The Undertaker at Night of Champions 2010, the Wrestling Classic, the last WWF RAW IS WAR on the USA Network, the 700th episode of RAW, Jim Ross’s WWE Hall of Fame induction announcement, John Cena vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 22, and WrestleMania 2. All of those were good moments in the WWE, which shows how great the moments in my top 15 are.
I’m doing a top 15 because 10 was not enough. These 15 will be in order of significance. I may have underrated or overrated some of the moments, but I think all of these moments are worthy of being in my top 15.

Read more…

The Keg Stand: 5 Things I Want To See On RAW Every Week by Tony Kegger

The Keg Stand: 5 Things I Want To See On RAW Every Week by Tony Kegger


In my opinion, WWE Monday Night RAW (I don’t care that it’s called “RAW Supershow” now) has not been very enjoyable lately. I rarely watch the entire show without turning the channel, and in my opinion, a lot of the main events are not worth watching live. I was thinking about what I would like to see on RAW and I thought of 5 things that RAW needs to try and do every week to become a better show. Read more…

What If… Part 5 by Tony Kegger Featuring THE INFAMOUS JCITY™

What If… Part 5 by Tony Kegger


[Editor’s Note: “What If…” is back motherfuckers!!! The last time I posted an installment in Tony Kegger’s exclusive series was well over four months ago. That is mainly my fault though, as Tony finished this post well over 2 months ago, but as you all might know by now, I was away on a state sponsored vacation, thus wasn’t able to post this, let alone add my illustrious commentary to it. It has been such a long time, that I forgot this shit was even sitting in my inbox, but here it is, in all its splendid glory. As in previous editions, my thoughts will be bolded in brackets while the Kegmeister’s thoughts will be in plain text.  By the way, if you would like to check out any of the previous editions in this series, then click the following links; part one, part two, part three, and part four. Alright, let’s get right to it…] Read more…