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The Keg Stand: My Top 10 Favorite WWE DVDs by Tony Kegger

The Keg Stand: My Top 10 Favorite WWE DVDs by Tony Kegger


[Editors Note: I’m not posting “THE REAL RAW SHYT” this week. My eye has been acting up for a couple days now, so I won’t be posting much of anything in the next couple of days. If you’re looking for an unorthodox view on Monday Night RAW then check out His wrestling reviews are funny as fuck so if you like the craziness of “THE REAL RAW SHYT” mixed with the self loathing of The Blue Ball’d Meanie, then you will more than likely like his reviews. I guaran-damn-tee it. Plus my epic “Is Alex Riley A Massive Homosexual” post is on the main page so there’s that. I’ve only found the site a few months ago, but I’ve found some great stuff on there by digging through the archives. I usually don’t recommend many sites, but you should really check it out. Anyways, shoutout to Tony Kegger for this post. To read more of Kegger’s work checkout WrestlingPipeBombs, the only wrestling blog approved by the dead spirit of Osama Bin Laden.]

I own many WWE DVDs. I don’t own as much as a collector would,  but I think I have more than the average WWE fan. The WWE makes good DVDs and unfortunately, they aren’t shown on TV. If you want to see the new “Stone Cold” documentary, you have to pay to see it. Maybe the WWE Network will air some of the many WWE documentaries, but until then, you have to either buy the DVD or rent it using Netflix or your cable’s On-Demand service. I could rent WWE DVDs, but I usually find the DVDs for so cheap, that it’s usually cheaper to just buy the DVD. I recently brought The Ladder Match DVD and the shipping and handling cost almost the same as what I paid for the actual DVD. I have so many WWE DVDs that I decided to create a list of my Top 10 favorite DVDs. Read more…