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When Vince McMahon Dies by JoeMan

When Vince McMahon Dies by JoeMan


Wrestling as a whole owes a lot to Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He changed the way the world watched Pro Wrestling. He has his faults and is apparently really hard to work for and he’s also 66 years old. That is not a humorously old age or anything, but it’s just old enough to ask the question; “What happens to the WWE when he dies?”

The short answer is… a bunch of stuff. I will try to be a little more detailed than that here, at the same time trying to leave the immediate financial impact it has on the company out of it. After the mourning period of his death the first thing that would need to be addressed is who would be his successor? Many assume at this point it will be his son-in-law Triple H. So if we can all agree on this, the next question is; What kind of leader of the company would he be? & Would he actually own the company? Read more…