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#NowPlaying ~ Exposed! Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Secrets

#NowPlaying ~ Exposed! Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Secrets

Words written by THE INFAMOUS JCITY™

I’ve said this before it was all trendy and people started writing columns about this topic and I’ll fucking say it again, people who try to discredit wrestling as some fake ass bullshit just need to shut the fuck up and eat a dick. Every fucking thing on TV is fake, scripted and/or regulated. News, regulated. Sports, fixed. Reality TV, scripted. So on and so forth. To me, a better word to use other than fake when it comes to describe wrestling is choreographed. Sure spots are called and people know the outcome of the matches before hand, but that doesn’t make wrestling any less intriguing. The matches might be predetermined, but the risks of injuries are fucking REAL. I don’t like wrestlers because they parade around pretending to be something they are not. No motherfucker, I appreciate the sacrifices they make to be on the fucking road most of the year. To be away from friends and family to entertain a bunch of people they don’t fucking know is admirable. To put their bodies through all the training and bumps they take, knowing goddamn fucking well that they can end up paralyzed at any giving time takes heart and dedication and I can appreciate that shit. There is not one motherfucking actor in Hollywood right now that will dedicate himself to his craft the way a wrestler does. Wrestling has no off seasons either, so in my eyes, they are tougher and more conditioned than any athlete that plays with balls for a living. Not only do they have to be physical, but they also have to memorize scripts and all that good shit, so yea, wrestlers are some of the hardest working people (in showbiz) on and off television. To discredit wrestling by saying it’s fake just makes you a hypocrite, especially if you enjoy any other form of scripted entertainment and that includes any and all television shows, movies, music, shiiiiiiiiit, even porn is fucking fake and lacks the true emotion portrayed on film, so yea, just shut the fuck up with that hating ass bullshit.

Anyways, I’m sure we all know wrestling is a scripted sport and if you didn’t know that and are just learning this now then I hate to tell you that Santa Clause isn’t real either. With that out if the way, I have come across a special that was filmed for NBC a few years back that exposes the wrestling industry. These videos take a look at every aspect of professional wrestling and gives you all the secrets it takes to pull of all the incredible matches we have witnessed over the years and the grand spectacle that is professional wrestling as a whole. Enjoy… or go fuck yourself, the choice is yours.  Read more…