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So, Why Do YOU Watch Wrestling?

So, Why Do YOU Watch Wrestling?


[Editor’s Note: This is the first post I have ever written using WordPress’ Mobile App for Android. I’m not familiar with the App and I’m typing this using a touchscreen keyboard, so I would appreciate it if you all look past all the spelling and grammar mistakes that are bound to ensue.]

In a world obssesed with what’s hot in mainstream Pop Culture, Professional Wrestling is often treated like the red-headed stepchild of modern day entertainment; and has been treated as such for quite some time now. For journalistic purposes, I recently conducted a street survey outside of a local bar where I asked 100 people if they watched wrestling and what they thought about the current product. The results did not surprise me in the least bit, but they do paint a picture of the general populations opinion on our chosen genre of entertainment. More after the jump.

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