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Chadam’s Five Ideas for The WWE Network

Chadam’s Five Ideas for The WWE Network by Chadam


[Editors Note: Some of you might know Chadam from our very own INFAMOUS Wrestling Community™ while others might know him as the mastermind behind Sin Cara: Mexico’s Power Rangers and John Cena Is A Robot articles which can be found exclusively over at Tony Kegger’s newly named site, WrestlingPipeBombs. If you don’t know Chadam, well, now you know him as the guy that who has 5 ideas for the WWE Network, and knowing is half the battle.]

The WWE Network is less than 3 months away from its scheduled debut on April 1st, 2012 and so far WWE doesn’t seem to have many concrete ideas ready for the network to have a huge impact right out the gate. So with that in mind, I decided to do what the IWC does best and throw my ideas out there and pretend like WWE gives a shit what I think. Read more…