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My Thoughts On The WWE Survivor Series 2011 PPV

My Thoughts On The WWE Survivor Series 2011 PPV


On November 20, 2011, not only did The Rock make his in ring return to the WWE after a 7 year hiatus at the Survivor Series PPV, but the event also marked the 25th anniversary of one of WWE’s beloved Big 4 PPV’s. The Survivor Series PPV has provided me with tons of memorable moments in its vast 25 years of existence. From the debut of one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, The Undertaker, to his first WWF Championship win over Hulk Hogan, to the introduction of the Casket Match, to Undertakers “death” at the hands of Yokozuna and his cronies, to the start of the desention between Owen Hart and his brother Bret, to Bret Hart beating Diesel for the WWF Championship, thus ending his year-long reign as champion, to Bret Hart’s long anticipated return to the WWF in a match against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, after he left following his Wrestlemania 12 championship loss against Shawn Michaels, to the now infamous Montreal Screwjob, Kurt Angle vs Undertaker, Steve Austin vs Triple H, the first ever Elimination Chamber, Batista vs Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell, and so many other great moments. Considering its 25 years of rich wrestling history, it would have been a shame if Vince McMahon went through with his plans of wishing the PPV the best in its future endeavours. To me, Survivor Series is more than just a PPV. When I was a young boy, Survivor Series marked the beginning of my Thanksgiving countdown and to be quite honest with y’all, I have never outgrown that tradition and I don’t think I ever will. With all that being said, I ordered my first fucking PPV since Money In The Bank. At first I wasn’t really feeling the card, but the return of The Rock and CM Punk possibly winning the WWE Championship sealed the deal for me. By the way, I was going to review the PPV live, but decided to make an event out of it instead. I invited a few people over, drank a few beers, smoked a few blunts and just enjoyed the fuck out of the 25th anniversary of the Survivor Series. Anyways, enough with the introduction, let’s get this motherfucker started…

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THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Answers Your Motherfucking Questions

THE INFAMOUS JCITY™ Answers Your Motherfucking Questions


Welcome to my first ever Answers post. This is a long ass read clocking in at over 8,200 words, but I had fun putting this together so it’s all good. Topics in this post include Wrestling, Music, Sports, Drugs, Parental Advisory and Other. Before you proceed, I would like to give a quick warning. Some of these answers might make you look at me in a different light. Some people might relate to me, while others might develop a new-found hatred, but that’s ok. You’re free to think what you want. Also, there is graphic language and situations in the Parental Advisory section, so if sexual content isn’t your thing then please feel free to skip that section. Before I start, I would like to shout out Capt. Smooth, Tony Kegger, Shaman’s Harvest, Max, Ace Hart, Dave, TKO, Ana_Zackpack, Alan and even stupid ass Stephen for participating and submitting questions. This was a great way for us to interact and hopefully I did this post justice. Keep in mind that the questions are unedited, so if you spot any bad grammar, don’t blame me, y’all should be blaming yourselves. Now on to the feature presentation.  Read more…

WWE Money In The Bank Fan Report by Tony Kegger

WWE Money In The Bank Fan Report 
by Tony Kegger 
I was one of the lucky 14,815 fans that attended the WWE Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View at the Allstate Arena in Chicago (actually Rosemont) on July 17th. It was a really awesome PPV and it was probably the best WWE event I have ever gone to. I say “probably” because I was at the last Monday Night RAW before Wrestlemania 27 and that had The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels all in the same building so I enjoyed that event too, but I think I enjoyed this event a little bit more. Once I see the whole PPV on DVD, I will probably appreciate how fortunate I was to attend such a historic event. I hope I can remember a lot of what happened at the PPV. I think I have a pretty good memory. Okay… enough introductions. It’s time to start the fan report. Read more…

Cashing It In: My *LIVE* WWE Money In The Bank PPV Coverage

Cashing It In: My *LIVE* WWE Money In The Bank PPV Coverage


Welcome to my *LIVE* coverage of the WWE Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View. Check back after 8e/5p and refresh the page throughout the night for my live thoughts and official results as they happen. For LIVE thoughts straight from the All-State Arena follow @TonyKegger on Twitter.

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